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Teeth Whitening Questions You May Have

Teeth whitening questions

Teeth whitening helps give an individual a great smile by whitening the teeth. There are many approaches to teeth whitening and many people don’t know much about the procedure. In this blog post, we try to answer as many teeth whitening questions as possible.

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

One may need to have the teeth whitened again after some time. The duration between one session and another varies immensely depending on a variety of factors. One of those is the approach that was used when whitening teeth. If you have your teeth professionally whitened by a cosmetic dentist, the results tend to last much longer than if you do it yourself. Your diet and how well you take care of your teeth also has an influence on how long the results last. Poor oral hygiene and taking food and drinks that stain your teeth are likely to make the results short-lived.

Are Follow-Ups Necessary

Although the process of teeth whitening is not very complicated, your dentist might still insist on checkups a few days after the whitening procedure. This is to allow him or her to check up on your gums and ensure that all is ok. If you experience pain or great discomfort after the procedure, it is wise to immediately see a dentist so that whatever is wrong can be corrected early enough.

Are Their Side Effects to Teeth Whitening?

This is one of the most common teeth whitening questions out there. Typically, teeth whitening has very little side effects. Some people experienced increased sensitivity immediately after the process but this tends to disappear after a few days. You can ask your dentist for pain killers to help reduce the discomfort.

Does the Whitening Process Damage Teeth?

There is no evidence that teeth whitening causes any damage to the enamel of the teeth or to any other part of the tooth. Done professionally, teeth whitening is a simple and straightforward procedure that dentists have perfected over many years. Any compounds used during the process are safe and will have no side effects on you.

Is Teeth Whitening Suitable for Everyone

Like any dental procedure, it is wise to consult your dentist before undertaking the procedure. Your dentist will likely have your full medical record and can advise on whether it is safe to undergo the procedure. For example, if you have recently undergone a dental procedure, your dentist might recommend waiting until that healing process is complete before undertaking teeth whitening. This is also another important reason why it is safer to do teeth whitening professionally as your dentist is likely to take many other factors into account.

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