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Solving Dental Misalignment With Invisalign

Abnormally arranged teeth is known among dentists as misalignment — a surprisingly common problem in America, where 90 percent of adults have misaligned teeth. The degree of misalignment varies from person to person. But the good news is that, as it is quite a common problem, the technology to solve it is quite advanced. Nowadays, there is a whole host of teeth misalignment problems that you can solve with the invisible braces known as Invisalign.

Dental Issues That Can Be Solved With Invisalign

There are several issues that can be solved using Invisalign, so if you have any of these problems with your teeth, you can certainly address them easily:

  • Overbite — when the lower teeth are biting the gums behind the upper teeth
  • Underbite — when the upper teeth bite the gums behind the lower teeth
  • Overcrowding — when teeth overlap each other in the mouth
  • Spacing — when there are gaps between the teeth

Effects Of Misalignment

Having misaligned teeth can spell trouble for you in an oral health sense. Some types of misalignment such as overcrowding encourages food particles to get stuck between your teeth, where they fester and accumulate bacteria, which may rot in your mouth, causing tooth decay and losing your teeth if left for too long. Other types, such as spacing, may cause pain or discomfort when the individual tries to eat, and this may result in them avoiding eating certain types of food or eating very little, causing a lack of nutrition, which leaves them open to nutrition-related diseases. Overbite or underbite prevents closure of the lips and creates mouth breathing, affects speech, and often causes embarrassment for the individual, causing them to avoid interaction with others and become very reserved.

Misalignment Causes

While misalignment does not have a specific cause, there are many factors that can contribute to one’s teeth coming out of alignment. If a child has bad habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting after age five, then their teeth may be shifted out of alignment. Same for if they lose their teeth early on and their other teeth arrangement is affected when their permanent teeth start to grow. Aside from that, there may be genetic factors like bad bite or malocclusion that runs in the family, misalignment caused by poorly executed dental procedures, or injuries caused by accidents ruining the arrangement of your teeth.

Invisalign is the treatment of choice for most adults and teens who require corrective action but don’t want to have the embarrassment of ugly braces in their mouths. Added to that, their ease of use, relative comfort, and effectiveness in correcting dental misalignment are all factors contributing to their adoption by orthodontists and patients alike. Individuals who engage in sports and physical activities also tend to go for this because it can be removed prior to their sporting activity. To get fitted with your own custom made Invisaligns in NYC, look no further than Dr Alex, a trusted dentist who has given many satisfied customers a beautiful set of teeth that looks like brand new. Find out more about the process of getting Invisalign treatment, and contact us for more information today!

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