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Smile Makeover Vs. Full Mouth Rehabilitation: What Is The Difference?

Smile Makeover

For those unhappy with their teeth/smile, there are numerous methods through which to either rejuvenate a beautiful set of teeth or provide a gorgeous smile for those who never had great teeth to begin with.

Have you started looking through options for improving your smile? Here are a couple of terms you may already have been presented with:

  • Smile makeover
  • Full mouth rehabilitation (a.k.a. full mouth dental reconstruction)

If you have seen both of those, you’re probably wondering what the differences between them are and if one would work better for you than the other.

Here, we are going to examine the case of a smile makeover vs. full mouth rehabilitation.

A Smile Makeover

What is a smile makeover? Primarily used for cosmetic purposes, a series of dental procedures may be referred to as a smile makeover. Your smile can be transformed into a more beautiful one if you have gapped or misaligned teeth. This can boost your confidence and make you proud of your smile.

Where smile makeovers are concerned, what’s included? A variety of dental procedures can be used for a smile makeover including the following:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation (Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction)

What is full mouth rehabilitation? To restore the aesthetics and function of your smile, a series of dental procedures may be undergone by a person receiving full mouth dental reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation. If tooth loss is threatened due to advanced gum disease, a lot of damaged teeth, or a high number of missing teeth, your dentist may recommend this procedure. The aesthetics of your smile will be improved as well as your dental functionality.

Where full mouth rehabilitation is concerned, what’s included? A variety of dental procedures are included in full mouth rehabilitation/reconstruction, including the following:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental bridges
  • Crowns
  • Dental implants

In some cases, the following may be necessary:

  • If a root canal cannot repair teeth, tooth extraction may be needed.
  • To fix severely infected teeth, root canals may be the first option, however.

Which one is right for you? Here’s the person to talk to if you’re not sure, or if you’ve already decided and would like the procedure doneā€¦

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