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Smile Makeover Procedures Vs. Full-Mouth Reconstruction

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Some or the other dental problems are bound to exist in one’s lifetime, unless you maintain strict oral hygiene. People suffering from dental issues look up to internet for suggestions and solutions, and it’s quite common to come across terms like “smile makeover” and “full mouth reconstruction”. They may sound similar, but are actually quite different. Let’s see which one suits your requirement.

Smile Makeover Vs. Full-Mouth Reconstruction

There are a few striking similarities between the two procedures. Both of them involve use of multiple treatments, in order to help patients with interrelated problems. The doctor formulates a plan, after a dental exam with the dentist, and choose specific treatments to meet the requirements of a patient. Both the terms are used interchangeable, but there is a difference in the kind of issues they are meant to resolve.

A smile makeover is more about aesthetical appearance, as it helps a patient in drastically improving the appearance of your smile, whether that means restoring of damaged teeth, fixing small gaps and whitening of teeth. The outcome should be a cheerful smile like the one you would see in the movies.

On the other hand, full-mouth construction serves the dual purpose of enhancing the appearance of teeth, as well as its appearance. This is the differentiating point. Someone who needs a smile makeover will have a set of teeth that functions normally, allowing them to speak and eat comfortably. This may not be true in case of full-mouth reconstruction.

Patients with foundational issues in their smile generally benefit from a full-mouth reconstruction, regardless of the fact whether it is because of the issues with jaw alignment, missing teeth or broken teeth. The first objective of reconstruction is aimed towards helping a patient’s mouth in functioning normally, and this is followed by reshaping the smile.

Which One To Go For?

Depending on the requirement and what your dentist recommends, answers can vary. You may be in some sort of misconception that a smile makeover is all you need, but your dentist may find some serious issue that can actually be the cause of your cosmetic problem. When you visit a dentist, just let them know what exactly you dislike about your smile, and they will be able to figure out what is required after a thorough exam. From that point onwards, you just need to show up for the meetings and follow the instructions to get that lovely smile, which you really deserve.

As long as you get the required care on time, it doesn’t matter what your treatment plan is called. If you had been suffering from multiple dental issues that make it difficult for you to smile, eat or speak with confidence, don’t lose hope. Make sure to contact Dr Alex Rubinov today for an expert consultation on your current oral health, and what measures you need to take for getting that fuller smile. With years of experience and contribution to the industry, Dr Alex has created many happy clients over a period of his professional tenure.