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Signs Indicating That You Need Emergency Dental Attention

emergency dental attention

For many people, every dental incident calls for an emergency. But on the other end of the spectrum, there are also many who don’t take action even when they are actually facing an emergency situation! If you’re not too sure about what would be considered an emergency situation, this handy guide should help you get on track.

When Your Tooth Has Been Knocked Out

Having a tooth knocked out is a highly traumatic incident for your teeth and gums, as there is damage done to the supporting tissues and nerves around your teeth. However, this damage can be reduced if you hurry to seek emergency dental care with Dr Alex in NYC. The first thing you should do is to call Dr Alex NYC. Then, try to find the tooth and gently rinse it in warm water, being very careful not to touch the root. Keep the tooth moist by replacing it in its socket if you can, or else keeping it in  a cup of milk. Take the tooth (and yourself!) to see a dentist as soon as possible. If you rush and are able to get treatment as quickly as possible, you may even get to have your tooth reattached. Don’t worry — we won’t ask any questions!

When Your Tooth Has Been Cracked Or Fractured

This could happen because of an accident, high impact, or simply because of excessive grinding or biting causing long term stress damage to your teeth. If this happens, it will only worsen and harm the root of your tooth unless you get it treated immediately. You can minimize pain and swelling by rinsing your mouth and the tooth shard with warm water, and then applying a cold compress to your cheek to soothe and reduce swelling. But make sure to rush to an emergency dentist for immediate attention!

When You Have Lost A Crown Or Tooth Filling

It’s not common for people to lose a crown, or a tooth filling, as usually it is bonded securely onto your tooth. If this has happened, it is a huge alert for you because it means your tooth is most probably badly decayed. This requires immediate attention not only to check the health of your teeth, but because the exposed part of the tooth becomes very sensitive and you should avoid having to eat during this time. If not repaired quickly, there could be further damage happening to your tooth, so be sure to see a dentist as quickly as possible.

In the NYC area, Dr Alex Rubinov has treated many patients and satisfied customers in the past, and is highly experienced to handle your emergency dental situation. Aside from general dentistry, Dr Alex is also a cosmetic dentist who is adept at finding a way to fix your teeth in the most aesthetic way possible. No need to worry that you will leave his clinic with odd-looking teeth! Dr Alex’s skills and expertise are at your disposal anytime you may need any sort of dental work done.