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Say Yes To Invisalign Clear Braces!

invisalign clear braces

Nature is inherently imperfect and chaotic, and misaligned or crooked teeth are a problem which has plagued mankind since the beginning of their existence. Until recently, there weren’t many solutions available, and the few that did exist were outside the price range of many people. Invisalign clear braces have changed this forever.

No Longer Are Straight White Teeth Restricted To Fashion Models

Invisalign orthodontics has allowed ordinary people to enjoy what fashion models have had for years, which are straight and healthy white teeth. Even better, it can be achieved at a fraction of the cost and discomfort which are associated with old fashioned braces.

What Makes Invisalign Different?

Traditional braces were effective at straightening teeth, but were expensive, tedious and time consuming to install, and were visible to everyone. Invisalign has all the strengths of braces with none of the weaknesses. They are cost effective, comfortable to install and wear, and are not readily visible to casual observers.

The treatment involves taking X-rays and photos of the teeth, along with a scanning mechanism which creates a three dimensional dental model. Based on this data the dentist can determine the best treatment approach, and will then get a teeth impression and then transmit the info to a laboratory where plastic aligners are fabricated. These aligners are designed to exact specifications which mean that they will fit seamlessly and snugly into your mouth. By wearing them regularly, over time your teeth will shift to a natural, straightened position.

Invisalign is made out of plastic which is flexible and smooth, which means it is far more comfortable to wear than classical metal braces. Furthermore, they can be easily removed to floss, brush, eat or drink and oral hygiene is much easier to maintain than with braces since no brackets are present where food can get trapped. If you play sports that require you to use a mouth guard, aligners can be taken out easily, and the treatment time when compared to braces is much shorter. You will need to visit the dental office periodically so your progress can be monitored.

What To Expect When Undergoing This Procedure

Once you get the aligners the dentist will instruct you on how and when to wear it, as well as the correct way to maintain it. The wonderful thing about this procedure is that you will be able to see as well as feel your progression as the teeth gradually shift into a straightened position. Initially you might feel that the aligners are really tight and don’t fit the teeth as well as you’d like, but this sensation is simply because the aligners will gradually prompt your teeth to move into a desirable position. After approximately 2 weeks you will notice that the aligners have become a bit loose. This means the treatment is working and you will need to return to the dentist to receive a new set.