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Say Goodbye to Loose Dentures

say bye to loose dentures

Loose dentures are something that many denture wearers put up with and suffer through. But they don’t have to. Loose dentures can occur for a number of reasons. But now there is a way to remedy that unfortunate and undesirable situation.

By checking with your cosmetic dentist, you should be able to rectify any situation that is presented due to loose dentures and a number of other problem conditions related to your teeth and gums.

Loose Dentures Present a Problem

Loose dentures result in a number of consequences. You can choose to use an over-the-counter denture adhesive, but that presents a couple of issues of its own: they never work the way you want them to and it doesn’t get rid of the underlying problem. The problem is — your dentures do not fit the way they should. Is this strictly the fault of your dentures? The underlying cause could well be that the shape of your jawbone is changing.

Ill-fitting dentures do not exactly encourage self-confidence. So, your socialization can take a big hit if your dentures don’t fit properly. What’s worse is that you may not be getting a properly balanced diet because it is harder to eat if your dentures are loose. Oral health problems can occur as a result, and your general health can suffer as well. We have to get rid of those loose dentures, and we have to do it now!

Using a Fixed Bridge to Replace Your Dentures

Some people choose to simply gets a fixed arch of teeth and replace their dentures altogether. Cosmetic dentistry is used to create a stunning bridge that replaces a whole arch of teeth. Dental implants are used to support this method. They’re either cemented in place or screwed into place. Because of that securing method, only a dentist can remove them. This could be necessary if your dentist feels that cleaning or maintenance is needed.

This option has a definite advantage because the teeth are in place permanently. They are just like having your real teeth back again. However, compared to implant retained dentures (see below), this particular choice will probably require dental implants of a greater number.

Stabilize Your Dentures with Dental Implants

In order to stabilize your dentures, dental implants can be used. You’ll still have to remove your dentures to clean them regularly, but they will no longer simply sit on your gums. These types of dentures, which are supported by implants, clip onto the implants themselves.

The implants have been inserted into your jawbone. This is done to make sure that the denture is held in place, firmly. That makes it easier to talk and eat. Additionally, because loose dentures can be uncomfortable (due to the fact that they rub on your gums), this method will also prove to be more comfortable.

Why Support Your Dentures with Implants?

These are the advantages to supporting your dentures with implants:

  • The jawbone tends to be stronger and thicker at the front of your jaw. That’s where these implants are inserted.
  • If a lower denture is involved, it is more cost-effective and affordable because fewer implants will be needed to ensure stabilization.
  • A bone graft will likely not be required because of the location of the implants (the front of your jar). Implants located at the rear of your jaw, because bone loss is a definite possibility in that location, frequently require bone grafts.

If you are a denture wearer, and you are suffering because of loose dentures, talk to your dentist immediately. If you haven’t gotten any results from your dentist, it’s time to look for a new one. There are experienced, reliable, and dependable dentists out there. You just need to know where to look. Check Dr. Alex Rubinov out if you are in the market for a new cosmetic dentist and want to start down the road that leads to better, more secured dentures.