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Preparing Your Child For a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can be a traumatic period for a child especially because of all the myths that surround tooth extraction. Just the idea of being in a room full of strangers poking instruments into the child’s mouth can be very frightening. It, therefore, becomes your responsibility as a parent to prepare your child for a tooth extraction. Following these simple steps can take help to relax the child and make the procedure far less frightening for your child.

Share Information With Them

There are limits to what a child can understand the process but as much as possible, let he or she know what is going to happen. Depending on the age of the child, you can add creative twists (such as encounters with the tooth-fairy etc.) to the story in order to make the process sound as exciting as possible. Remember that the more the process appears as a great adventure to the child, the less likely it is to be traumatic.

Involve The Child In The Decision

This obviously may not always be possible but where it can be done, you should have the child participate in some of the decisions around his or her tooth extraction. Your dentist will obviously have the most say about what happens but most orthodontists who have a lot of experience with children understand that there are little things that one can let a child decide about the process. This, of course, empowers the child and makes him or her feel more of a participant in this adventure rather than a patient.

Take A Favorite Toy With You

Dentists who have worked with children will probably have the clinic set up in a way that makes all patients and especially children feel comfortable. They are likely to already have a variety of toys, games and other things that a child can play with as they wait for the extraction to take place. However, it is important as a parent that you ensure that you take with you your child’s favorite toy. This helps calm the child, especially because children typically see toys as companions.

Play Music

On your way to the tooth extraction, ensure that you put on the child’s favorite music. Music has a calming effect and will help put your child in a good mood. Whatever the music may be, help the child sing along (if it is that kind of music) and generally try to keep the mood uplifted.

Keep The child Away From Negative Stories

As much as possible, avoid people who might want to scare your child with negative stories about their own experiences at the dentist. There is a lack of understanding that dentistry has come a long way and someone’s experience as a child is not necessarily a reflection of what the child will go through. As much as you can prepare your child for the experience, equally critical is to find a dentist who has experience working with children. In New York, you will find Dr. Alex Rubinov is exactly the kind of dentist you need for this. The practice specializes in all kind of general dentistry and is especially good at handling young patients. Please call (718)253-0800 to make an appointment.