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Porcelain Veneers Before And After: What To Expect

For many, being able to change some part of their smile is an attractive prospect. It could be anything, from a stained tooth that hasn’t been successfully whitened like the others, to a chipped tooth, a large gap, or other common issues. Don’t let these small issues hold you back from flashing a fond smile at the people you love, or a friendly one to someone you’ve just met. It can be as simple as dental veneers, a similar procedure within cosmetic dentistry. For someone entirely new to the process, there’s a lot to figure out. Here’s everything you need to know about porcelain veneers before and after you receive them.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are thin ceramic pieces that are attached to the front side of your teeth to conceal minor imperfections. They are often first-rate options for front teeth in cosmetic dentistry. Usually, you’ll only have to remove a minor quantity of enamel to ensure that your veneers are securely attached to your tooth. Since they are carefully selected to match the exact specifications of your other teeth, the tooth with veneers will be indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

Should I Get Dental Veneers? 

Most people can get dental veneers without any issues, to resolve minor cosmetic dentistry issues. Your dentist may recommend alternative procedures or ask you to wait before proceeding to get a veneer if you have poor oral health, such as tooth decay or gum disease. Only after treating these conditions, will it be possible to make veneers last sustainably for you. To achieve success with porcelain veneers, you’ll need sufficient tooth enamel to hold the dental veneer securely in place. 

There are also many non-cosmetic reasons to get dental veneers, such as strengthening your teeth when the enamel is naturally weak. 

What’s The Procedure Like? 

It all starts with a consultation with your dentist. Your dentist will spend some time in a discussion with you, so that he’s able to gain a comprehensive understanding of what you’d like to gain from the treatment. By understanding exactly what you’d like to change about the appearance of your teeth, he’ll be able to propose an option most suited to your needs. At this stage, your dentist will conduct an oral exam, and take several x-ray scans to start with planning for your treatment. At this consultation, you will also be provided with a rough cost estimate.

Two additional appointments must be organized if you would like to go ahead with the veneers. The first appointment will be used to prep your teeth for veneers, with a small amount of drilling to remove a small portion of the enamel from the surface of your tooth. This makes sure that your veneers won’t be noticeable, protruding further forward than your other teeth.  Additional impressions of your teeth will be taken in preparation for your veneer. Your next appointment will occur after approximately two weeks. At the final visit, your dentist will check to ensure that the size, shape and color of the veneer match your other teeth. A gel base will be applied to your drilled tooth, and dental cement is applied to join the veneer to your tooth. Depending on how well you care for it, the veneer stays in place for five to 20 years.

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