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Planning To Get A Single Tooth Dental Implant?

single tooth dental implant

If you’ve lost a tooth you may be quite self-conscious about the gap, particularly when you smile. So, what can be done about that? Well, one of the most popular solutions is a single dental implant. A dental implant is a single (or maybe two) teeth that are embedded into the jawbone. They look just like your other natural teeth. They are not removed at night like dentures and you treat and clean them exactly the same way you do your natural teeth.

Will The Tooth Look Natural?

You may have some questions about the single tooth dental implant and one of the worries you may have is whether they look as natural as your ordinary teeth. There is nothing worse than having something replaced and it looks very distinctly different. The good news is that technology has moved on so well today, that the implants can be colored to match your natural teeth, so no one would ever know it wasn’t home grown.

Is This A Surgical Procedure?

Yes, it is, and you will require an anesthetic as your dentist anchors the dental implant to your jawbone in line with your other teeth. The process will not be completed in one visit, as there are several steps to ensuring your dental implant is perfect.

What Happens After The Dental Implant Has Bene Placed In The Jawbone?

The implant will need to remain covered for a period between three and six months. This is not only to protect the implant, but it is also to allow the bone to grow naturally around the implant to hold it in place. Once the implant has been embedded your dentist will then be able to uncover it. They will then attach a post to it. Your gum will need to heal for a few months before the final stage of the treatment, when the new tooth is inserted into the strong implant. Your dentist will generally add a crown to ensure the tooth is stable.

Can Anyone Get A Dental Implant?

Well, anyone can, but there is less success with certain patients. For example, those will illnesses such as diabetes or osteoporosis have a poor retention rate. If you grind your teeth, this will also affect your decision for the implant, as it will not be a suitable foundation for a new tooth if you are grinding your teeth every day.

How Long Will The Dental Implant Last?

If you look after your teeth well and have good oral hygiene, there is no reason why a dental implant cannot last indefinitely, just like your natural teeth. They are designed to be a permanent solution. However, trauma to the mouth can dislodge this as it can with any of your teeth.

Will The Implant Feel Different To My Natural Teeth?

Initially, it may feel a little different, as your body is aware that there is something in the gap! However, after hardly any time at all you will be so familiar with your new tooth, that you will forget it is even artificial. Your smile will be more radiant than ever.