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Living With Porcelain Veneers: Dos and Don’ts

Porcelain veneers are a quick and easy way to improve your smile by covering or masking imperfections with a thin tooth-shaped shell. One of the reasons why they are so attractive is the relative ease of putting them on. There are no intrusive surgeries and placement is typically very straight forward. It is important for those who have had porcelain veneers installed on their teeth to understand how they can keep their beautiful smile for long. Here are some simple tips to keep your porcelain veneers beautiful.

Do: Maintain High Standards of Oral Hygiene

Keeping a high standard of dental hygiene is critical in keeping your porcelain veneers and teeth looking good.  When one wears porcelain veneers, bacteria can still infect your teeth and can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. To prevent that and to ensure that the veneers have a strong anchor, keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Don’t: Avoid Grinding Or Clenching Your Teeth

People who do this run the risk of ruining their porcelain veneers (and their teeth) by wearing them down through friction from the grinding action. If you constantly find yourself grinding or clenching your teeth, consider wearing a mouth guard that will protect your teeth from grinding.

Do: Visit A Dentist Regularly

Not only are regular dental exams good for the overall health of your teeth and gums but the visits also gives the dentist a chance to examine your veneers. This way, any serious conditions can be caught in time and dealt with.

Don’t: Avoid Using Your Teeth As A Tool

People with porcelain veneers often run the risk of breaking the veneer or even their teeth by using their teeth as a tool. A good example is using your teeth as a bottle opener or biting hard objects such as metal. Use the proper tool for whatever work you are doing and protect your teeth and their veneer covers

Do: Have An Experienced Dentist Install The Veneers

Although this comes right at the start, the success or failure of your porcelain veneers can boil down to the quality of the placement in the first place. If the veneers are not put on properly, they are likely to break off with moderate use. Always use an experienced dentist to place the veneers in the first place and for consultation afterward.

Don’t: Avoid Smoking Excessively

While it is true that cigarettes cannot stain porcelain veneers, the reality is that the smoke and tar can react with the bonding agent that holds the veneer to the tooth. This creates an unsightly blue ring around the tooth that does not look pleasant at all. If you can avoid smoking altogether, it would be better for your dental and overall health.

As noted, the quality of your porcelain veneer starts with how they were placed in the first place. If you are looking for a highly experienced dentist in New York with extensive experience in porcelain veneers, Dr. Alex Rubinov is exactly what you are looking for. The practice has a wealth of experience in cosmetic dentistry among many others. Give the team a call at (718)253-0800 and book an appointment.

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