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Keep Your 2019 Dental Health Resolutions!

Starting the new year right is important, and along with the many other resolutions you have undoubtedly made, you shouldn’t miss out on your dental health resolutions. The crucial aspect of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is to ensure regular examinations and teeth cleaning. This does not have to happen too often — most people go for a dental checkup and cleaning every six months. If you have not booked your regular dental checkups yet, you should call in with your dentist now — and if you’re looking for a new dentist, we recommend Dr Alex Rubinov in NYC.

The Benefits Of Regular Examinations

Did you know? Good oral hygiene is necessary not only to ensure your brilliant smile, but also to maintain the overall health of your body. Several health conditions are directly affected by oral health, and that includes diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Also, there is a correlation between good oral hygiene and a healthy, full term pregnancy. These examinations are also important for checking for tooth decay, gum disease, preventing loss of teeth, teeth whitening, detecting oral cancers early, and maintaining your overall health.

The Procedure

A medical examination is a routine procedure and most of the time patients find it goes smoothly. You will be seated in a comfortable dentist chair as an orthodontist thoroughly checks and cleans your teeth. The dentist will also check for cavities as well as gum disease, if any. Other areas that would be checked are the tongue, jaw, face, neck and mouth, if there are any abnormalities or issues. There may be a discussion of your oral hygiene habits, diet, and exercise routine. If there are any issues to be addressed, your orthodontist will raise these matters with you accordingly.

A Note Of Caution

Some people believe that it is inconsequential to skip these routine dentist appointments. However, this can affect not just your oral health, but your overall health significantly. Just because you may not feel pain does not mean there is no bacteria or disease eating away at your teeth or gums. It takes a medical professional to spot these and prevent them from worsening. Cavities which are spotted early can prevent you from having to undergo more invasive treatments, for example, root canal surgery. Untreated cavities may lead to major tooth decay, infection and eventually, you may be forced to lose the tooth. Oral diseases, including oral cancers, are best treated early before the damage spreads and the disease takes root.

If you have not been to a dental examination in more than six months, it should become your top priority to make an appointment with a dental professional. Based in New York City, Dr Alex Rubinov is one of the top dentists of the area, has served countless happy patients, and is an excellent choice for you to entrust with your dental care needs. Don’t delay, book an appointment with Dr Alex today!

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