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Invisalign To Fix An Underbite: Does It Really Work?

An underbite is something most people will want to correct in the most non-invasive way. So, what is an underbite? For the ideal teeth and jaw position, your upper teeth will extend slightly over your bottom teeth. As for the ideal facial profile, your lower jaw should not extend out too far compared to the rest of your face. However, we are not perfect and some of us live our lives with a non-ideal jaw or tooth position, also known as an underbite. Many people would have noticed how their lower jaw sticks out more compared to other people. Some people might be told by their dentist that their bite is not the best and could be corrected. Read on to learn more about using Invisalign to fix an underbite!

Will Invisalign Help with Underbite?

Whether or not Invisalign is helpful depends on the cause of your underbite. If the underbite is a result of bad teeth position, then Invisalign clear aligners will be able to treat it. But if the underbite is the result of a skeletal issue such as having a larger lower jaw, then going for a surgical option together with Invisalign or traditional orthodontics will be the best option. The only way to figure out which is the best treatment option is to visit a cosmetic dentist. At the dentist, they can diagnose your condition and figure out the best treatment to correct your underbite. Many underbites are caused by genetics and the earlier they are detected and treated, the better the outcomes will be. So, do not delay in seeking treatment! Make an appointment with a certified cosmetic dentist as soon as possible. 

Should I Fix My Underbite?

The main reason why people want to correct an underbite is aesthetic reasons. Reducing the appearance of an underbite can help your confidence greatly. However, correcting the underbite isn’t just for beauty purposes only. It also comes with many health reasons. Underbites can lead to excessive wear and tear of teeth. This can lead to severe dental problems in the future such as fractured or excessively worn-out teeth. Having an underbite will affect your ability to chew and eat properly, which affects your overall health.

You should trust the smile makeover to an advanced cosmetic dentist. Look for a cosmetic dentist and schedule an appointment with them right now. The dentist will take a look at your teeth and give you an evaluation before explaining the options for treatment. Do choose the most suitable treatment to get the smile that you want. If you have an underbite, do consider getting Invisalign to correct it today!

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