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Invisalign Maintenance Best Practices

Over the years, Invisalign aligners have become the go-to method for straightening teeth because it is unobtrusive and easy to manage compared to traditional, metal braces. It is important to maintain your Invisalign trays so they can do their job. Here are some tips and tricks to follow for Invisalign maintenance best practices.

Inserting and Removing Aligners

Proper insertion and removal of your Invisalign according to these instructions will keep the aligners in good condition and well positioned in your mouth.

When inserting aligners:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before inserting aligners.
  • Insert aligners one at a time.
  • Take note of upper vs. lower aligners (U and L letters are engraved on each).
  • Push the aligner over your front teeth, and then apply pressure to your back molars until the aligner snaps in.
  • When positioning your aligners, refrain from biting into them as it can severely damage the aligners.

When removing aligners:

  • Slowly pull the aligner from one side of your mouth at a time, starting at the back molars.
  • Disengage the back-molar teeth from the aligner before moving to the front teeth.
  • Pry the aligner gently from your front teeth with your fingertips until it is removed.

In general, always apply gentle pressure when inserting or removing Invisalign. Never bend or twist the aligners to get them to fit properly or to remove them from your mouth. If you experience significant discomfort from insertion or removal or your aligners are difficult to remove, seek help from your dentist.

Invisalign Care

It is important to clean and care for your Invisalign the same way you clean your teeth. Because Invisalign should be worn for up to 22 hours per day, it is vital to keep them in good condition.

  • Clean your Invisalign with a small amount of toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush. Some people clean the outside of the aligners while they are inserted and the inside when they are removed. Rinse thoroughly so all toothpaste residue is removed.
  • Do not use denture cleaner or soak your Invisalign in mouthwash, as this can damage the aligners.

Oral Hygiene with Invisalign aligners

One of the most common ways patients damage their Invisalign is by not following proper hygiene and care methods. Your Invisalign work best when you follow these instructions:

  • Always remove your Invisalign before eating or drinking (no removal is needed for drinking cool water).
  • Brush and floss after eating before reinserting your aligners. If this is not possible, rinse your mouth and your aligners and thoroughly clean aligners as soon as possible.
  • Never chew gum with your aligners in; it will stick to your Invisalign and damage them.

By carrying out good dental hygiene practices and visiting your dentist regularly, there is no doubt that your teeth and oral health will be well taken care of. You can always discuss and explore the option of Invisalign aligners with your dentist and they will give you their honest professional opinion. Consult Dr. Alex Rubinov, an experienced cosmetic dentist, for a truly professional opinion about getting Invisalign aligners. Please call us at (718) 253-0800 to make an appointment.

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