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Invisalign: It Is No Longer Just About Looks

Many people assume that Invisalign is primarily a cosmetic procedure. However, it involves more than being able to eat hard foods while avoiding the unsightly appearance of braces. Below are some other benefits that you’ll gain from undergoing this smile makeover.

Proper Upper And Lower Jaw Positioning

The human jaw is akin to a door that has two hinges, with a hinge for each ear and the strike and teeth forming a strike plate. Ideally, you want the mouth to be able to open with ease, and then close with little effort. When closing the mouth the teeth should not be subjected to any sticking or friction which is unnecessary. When a mouth has issues closing, this means that there are problems with the joints which will be manifested with pain, popping and jaws which are misaligned, along with pain while chewing. By getting the teeth aligned, the mouth will close and open correctly without jaw deterioration.

Enhanced Gum Positioning And Bone Structure

Teeth which are crooked also have crooked bones supporting them, which over time can lead to problems. Dentists call this bone structure or architecture and when the structure is not optimal, it is very difficult to maintain healthy teeth and gums. By getting this procedure, your bone architecture will be corrected which in turn will boost your overall dental health.

It Makes Your Teeth Easier To Floss And Brush

Crooked teeth will not fit against one another tightly, which means that after each meal food will get trapped between them and will remain until they are either removed by floss or liquids. In the dental profession this is referred to as impaction and over time can cause significant harm to the teeth and gums. Since the food is held in position by teeth which are crooked and misaligned, bacteria will feed on it, and the growth of this bacteria will contribute to the recession of gums and oral pain. Once your teeth are correctly aligned, it becomes easier to brush and floss and food particles are less likely to get trapped between them.

You Will Be Able To Digest Food Easier

Your mouth plays a fundamental role in the digestion of food, as it serves as the entry point and is the place where food is chewed and broken down. If food mastication is incorrect, this in turn can cause problems with the entire digestive system and the nutrient absorption within the body. Put another way, those who have an incorrect bite will actually get reduced nutrition.

Those who undergo this procedure will also develop a good bite, which in orthodontics is extremely important. It means that you will be able to chew your food properly, open and close your mouth with ease, and will display a healthy smile.

Your Speech Will Improve

Dental health and phonetics are intricately linked. The ability of a person to correctly pronounce words is heavily dependent on how their teeth are positioned. When teeth are misaligned, especially when the two upper teeth in front are too long, or your bite is open, you might develop are lisp or problems pronouncing specific words.

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