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Invisalign For Kids 101

Invisalign Kids

Invisalign are a special type of aligners that are clear and that are placed on teeth to align them over time. For adults who are looking for a discrete treatment process, Invisalign is perfect in the sense that it is practically invisible and thus great for aesthetic purposes. However, parents might wonder if Invisalign could work for their kids as well. Here is everything that you need to know about Invisalign for kids.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to the traditional braces but with an important difference.  Invisalign aligners are made with clear plastic so that when they are put in place, they are virtually impossible to detect. Invisalign can work for kids as well but there are things to consider when choosing to go the Invisalign way for your child over traditional braces.

Benefits Of Invisalign For Children

There are certain unique features of Invisalign aligners that make them particularly good for children. The first is the fact that they are invisible and so kids (especially teenagers) who might resist braces for aesthetic reasons are unlikely to feel the same way about Invisalign aligners. The other advantage is that they are removable meaning that for young children, you need not change their dental hygiene routine to accommodate the aligners. The trays can be removed during teeth brushing and put back again. The same applies for meal times and the trays can be removed for meals as well so the child does not have difficulties adjusting to eating with aligners on. Finally, Invisalign trays come with a strip that fades the longer the trays are worn by the child. This way, a parent and a dentist can easily know how often the child is wearing the trays and corrective action can be taken if the child is prone to not wearing them as often as required.

Age Of The Child

Although a child of any age can wear Invisalign aligners, there is a requirement that the aligners must be worn for most of the day. What this means is that the child must be old enough to be able to keep the aligners in his mouth and not to forget them in school or in the bathroom. Part of the reason for this problem is that the aligners are designed to be easy to remove and while this comes with certain advantages, it also means that they might not be effective for children who are not mature enough.

Stage Of Teeth Growth

Invisalign aligners are great or kids who have already developed their permanent teeth. Dentists do not recommend the aligners for children whose teeth are still growing or those whose teeth have been damaged by significant tooth decay. Are you in New York and interested in talking to an experienced dental practitioner about Invisalign solutions for your children? Dr. Alex Rubinov is a highly experienced dentist and among his specialties is Invisalign solutions for adults and children. Call his practice at (718) 253-0800 to book an appointment.