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Caring For Your Dental Implants Post Surgery

Dental Implants post surgery care

Dental implants are increasingly becoming a popular choice for people looking to improve the appearance of their smile or simply just to replace a missing tooth. What many people do not realize is that care is needed immediately after a dental implant in order to ensure that the implants become firmly embedded in the tissue. Here are all you need to know about caring for your dental implants post-surgery.

48 Hours After Surgery

It is critical to keep a close eye on an implant just after surgery in order to catch any problems early. Immediately after the surgery, keep a gentle but firm pressure on the gauze packs with your teeth. This ensures that they stay in place. Keep the gauze in place for an hour unless you are bleeding, in which case you can change the gauze more frequently. Apart from bleeding, you may observe swelling and some pain. There is nothing to worry about unless these symptoms are abnormally pronounced. Brush your teeth gently and after 24 hours, rinse your mouth with a saline solution.

Cleaning Your Implants

When it comes to oral hygiene, it is strongly recommended that you regularly clean your teeth in order to ensure that there is no buildup of plaque that could lead to infection.  You are expected to brush your teeth as normal although when it comes to flossing, dentists recommend using un-waxed floss specifically for patients with dental implants.

Professional Dental Implant Cleaning

When you have dental implants, it is critical to have a dentist clean the threads of the implant every now and then to ensure that there is no buildup of plaque. This is also an ideal opportunity for your dentist to check the general condition of the implant so that any problems can be fixed early before they become serious. Your dentist will suggest to you how often this needs to be done but typically, it is frequent just after the surgery but becomes more spaced-out over time. Cleaning dental implants is critical as it prevents conditions like mucositis which, if not caught early, can lead to infection and loss of the implant.

Food, Nutrition And Rest

Your dentist may suggest that you avoid or minimize is eating acidic food and instead take softer nutrient-rich food and drinks. Remember to allow yourself a period of rest so that your body can heal. For this reason, plan your surgery well to include a period of convalescing. Ensure that you have all the supplies you may need at home such as ice packs for the discomfort, fresh gauze pads and plenty of soft food.

Caring for your dental implants is easy with some forethought and planning. Your dentist will typically advise you to contact him or her immediately you notice something that you think is abnormal.

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