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Invisalign Care During Lockdown

Invisalign Care During Lockdown

With COVID-19 triggering lockdowns all across the world, patients who are on Invisalign treatment are being affected in a number of ways. Lockdowns mean that you may not be able to access your dentist as much as you may want to in order to monitor your progress. In areas of the country where the government has imposed strict rules on movement, you may not even be able to change your Invisalign trays as per the treatment process.

In order to keep your treatment on course and ensure that you get the most out of your Invisalign trays, here are some of the measures that you should take.

Intensify Oral Hygiene

While we should always ensure that we practice strict oral hygiene, it is even more critical to do so now. The reason is that with strict rules around movement, we may not be able to see our dentists as frequently as we would want to. This means that problems such as tooth decay may not be caught as early as would have been possible with constant dental checkups. Getting tooth decay can affect your Invisalign treatment so it is important to ensure that your gums stay healthy. Brush and floss your teeth daily. It is also a good idea to reduce the consumption of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks.

Clean your Trays

While good oral hygiene is important, it pays to remember that tooth infections can also be caused by dirty Invisalign trays. There are solutions that are available for cleaning your Invisalign trays and we would recommend that you discuss with your dentist which is the best to use. Remember to remove the trays when you are eating in order to reduce the possibility of food getting stuck in the trays.

Changing Trays May be Delayed

As you may already know, Invisalign treatment requires that you change your trays now and then as the treatment progresses. With the interruptions that have been caused by COVID-19, replacement trays may either be delayed or may not even be available. In such an instance, it is a good idea to discuss with your dentist regarding how to proceed. Your dentist may recommend wearing the current tray for a little longer which is unlikely to cause any harm to you.

Stay in Touch with your Dentist

During this lockdown period, many dentists have made contingency plans on how to stay in touch with their patients. To this end, it is important to find out how to reach your dentist with questions and advice regarding your Invisalign treatment. It is also important to remember that in case of any complications that lead to an emergency, you can still access emergency dental services regardless of the lockdown.

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