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How To Overcome Anxiety About Your Dental Implant Surgery

If you are a missing a tooth or a few teeth, your dentist is most likely to recommend dental implants. Dental implants enhance bone health, restore the ability to chew and improve appearance. If you are scheduled for a dental implant, it would be normal if you become nervous about the procedure. It is estimated that around 40 million patients in America experience dental anxiety, whether it is due to a previous bad experience or fear of needles. However, if you feel anxious about your visit for dental implants, you can remain relaxed and calm because of the following reasons:

Why You Need To Feel Relaxed and Calm About Dental Implant Surgery

  • Dental implants sound like an invasive procedure and uncomfortable but in reality, a professional oral surgeonuses local anesthetic to numb the soft tissues before the procedure. You also have the option to seek sedation dentistry services to help you relax and sleep through the surgery.
  • Dental implants are only performed by trained and experienced dentists who spend a lot of time planning the placement of your implants. They use scans, X-rays and impressions to consider every nuance and also study the bone location, sinuses, nerves, as well as the force of impact when chewing to create the perfect implants.
  • Recovery after dental implants is simple. Incisions made during surgery are minimal and a patient is able to control inflammation and discomfort with painkillers. With proper care, implant sites tend to heal quickly.
  • Dental implants are mostly recommended for restoring lost teeth because they are easy to care for, preserve bone health, and look and feel natural. 
  • Compared to other restoration methods, dental implants have higher satisfaction rates and improve quality of life.

Healthy Ways To Deal With Dental Anxiety

  • Talk to your dentist about the anxiety: Talking about your concerns openly lets your dentist adapt the treatment to your needs. The dentist will find solutions to help ease your anxiety and explain different treatment options available to allow you remain relaxed and calm during the dental implant procedure.
  • Plan out the schedule: Before the appointment date, your dentist will go over all of the details for the implant procedure. Having this information will help you calm down. It is advisable to choose a time for your dental visit when you are not under pressure or less likely to be rushed. Doing this will help to decrease your anxiety and make you feel more comfortable about the procedure.
  • Wear headphones: When getting a single implant, the dentist does not necessarily have to put the patient under during the procedure. Instead, he or she will use local anesthetic. However, if you find that you are still nervous, you can bring headphones and listen to music that relaxes you. It is an easy and inexpensive way to help ease anxiety during a dental implant procedure.
  • Choose the right dentist: Before signing up for any dental procedure, you need to be assured that you will be in the right hands. If you have dental anxiety, choose a dentist who is not only qualified and experienced, but one that will listen and acknowledge your fears. If you have a potential dentist in mind, speak to them first and if you feel comfortable chatting with them, go ahead and book an initial consultation. 
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