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How Sensitive Teeth Occurs And How To Avoid It

Sensitive teeth can make eating and drinking a very unpleasant experience. What is even more frustrating is not knowing what causes it, and how it can be prevented. Below is an insightful explanation of how teeth become sensitive, and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

What Causes Teeth To Become Sensitive?

Sensitive teeth manifest themselves through a sudden sharp pain which results from a stimulus which is external, with the pain dissipating rapidly after the stimulus is no longer present. Research shows that one out of seven people will suffer from it; it afflicts women more than men and is most common in the bicuspids and “canine” teeth.

Determine The Trigger

The “trigger” or external stimuli are the action or object which causes the pain. It can differ from one person to another. The external stimulus frequently comes in the form of food or beverages which are cold or hot, or acidic and carbonated. Sometimes attempting to brush these teeth will also cause pain. Determining the trigger is important; as it will help you pinpoint the cause which can aid in receiving effective treatment.

Sensitive teeth result from three main causes, which are receding gums, products for tooth whitening and loss of tooth enamel. Cementum covers the root surface and is about as tough as enamel. However, it can become compromised, and when it does the teeth will have greater sensitivity to any foods or beverages that come into contact with them. Many people also have a bad habit of brushing harder than necessary. When this is done frequently, especially with toothpaste that is abrasive, the surface of the root can wear out, along with the enamel.

Many people also consume food and drinks which are acidic. When done moderately, it isn’t a problem, but when acidic drinks and food comprise a large part of someone’s diet the acids they contain will dissolve the teeth. Teeth whitening products or procedures which use bleaching agents will make the teeth more porous, which will cause the internal part, or pulp chamber to develop inflammation. This will make the teeth more sensitive.

How To Treat Sensitive Teeth

To get immediate relief, you will want to apply some analgesic. This will help the teeth heal by cooling the nerves which are overly stimulated. It can also soothe the tissue of the gums while bringing balance to the microbiome. Of course, once you’ve identified the trigger that causes the pain, you will want to avoid it. You should immediately cease consuming any foods or drinks which are acidic or carbonated, such as soda, coffee, fruit and candy. Overall, it is best to stop eating any foods which cause a reversal in the flow of dentinal fluid. Brush gently, as it isn’t necessary to scrub your teeth like dirty floor. Doing so will cause gum recession.

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