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Why You Need To Replace Missing Teeth

Did you know that about 70% of people in the US have at least one missing tooth? These people have been victims of various situations that made them lose a tooth. Some of them were injured while others had to remove teeth because of dental diseases. Although removing them may have saved them pain and discomfort, it could also be the reason they are exposed to various risks. Dentists often recommend replacing missing teeth to improve oral health. Here are some facts you may not have known about missing teeth.

Difficulty in Cleaning Teeth

One of the most obvious implications of having huge gaps because of tooth removal is the difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene. You will notice that the void left by the missing tooth also leaves a hole in the gums. If such holes are not filled, they will harbor a lot of dirt. They will also be the breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to many other problems. If you have missing teeth and you are showing signs of tooth decay, it could be because you haven’t taken care of that blank space. Consider visiting a reload dentist near you to get proper advice.

Effect to the Opposite Tooth

Every tooth is structured to fit into the curve of its opposite partner for a perfect bite. When one is missing, it means that the opposing one has nothing to fit into, and therefore, it will start exhibiting unusual characteristics. For instance, doctors have observed that such teeth can expand and lead to misalignment. In addition to that, they will fracture, and this affects the gums. When such problems set in, you can expect to remove the opposite teeth or even the surrounding ones. You do not have to let things get to that level when all you need is to replace the missing tooth.

Makes Tooth Realignment Difficult

Another reason you should be thinking of replacing missing teeth is the need for effective cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you get to a situation where you need to wear veneers, it will not be easy when you have gaps. It is because veneers are worn on every tooth and tightened to align the. When there is a gap, you can be sure that the alignment will not be perfect. It could also be the reason you experience a lot of pain and discomfort when you wear aligners. Any good dentist will help you to fill the gap and avoid all these problems. The best part is that filing the gap is not a difficult task with options such as bridges and other implants.

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile and good oral health. Because of that, you should be thinking of finding a cosmetic dentist that can help you find the right dental implants to replace missing teeth. You may want to see how Dr. Alex Rubinov of New York City treats his patients to understand what to look for when searching for a cosmetic dentist. He is an expert in providing a wide array of dental treatments.

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