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How Good Oral Hygiene Habits Can Prevent Bad Breath

If your friends or partner have been complaining more frequently about your bad breath lately, it could be a serious problem and it’s time to do something about it.  Chronic bad breath actually has a medical term — halitosis — and it’s something no amount of mints or mouthwash will help you eliminate. Halitosis is caused by the accumulation of food particles in your mouth and in between your teeth and gums, which breed bacteria. This can over time develop into plaque, which can in turn cause tooth decay, gum disease, and halitosis. The first thing you should look at if you have halitosis is to examine your dental hygiene habits. Here is a list of things you can check your habits against to see where you could improve in your hygiene.

Brush Your Teeth More Frequently

The recommended number of times to brush your teeth is twice a day — once in the morning and once before bed. This will help to keep food particles away from your teeth, gums, and mouth. If possible, you could also brush your teeth after each meal. However, do be careful not to “overbrush”, as it may strip away the protective enamel around your teeth. Be sure to use a soft bristled toothbrush and brush with gentle strokes. Also, don’t miss out on brushing or scraping your tongue!

Floss Your Teeth Every Day

Flossing may be a pain, but it can be much more effective at getting at food particles caught in between your teeth and gums than brushing. It is recommended that we floss once a day.

Use Antibacterial Mouthwash Twice Daily

Halitosis means you need all the help you can get — and using mouthwash is not too much to ask. Simply gargle with a capful of antibacterial mouthwash after brushing and/or flossing your teeth. It also helps to leave a freshness in your mouth!

Quit Smoking Or Using Other Tobacco Products

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are one of the biggest culprits for causing bad breath. Cigarettes leave smoke particles in the throat and lungs, and the stale scent can linger for hours. The chemicals in tobacco smoke can also linger in the mouth and saliva, and cause bad breath.

Drink Water Regularly

There is a medical condition called dry mouth, or xerostomia, which does also cause bad breath. Without moisture like water or saliva, the mouth is unable to neutralize acids caused by plaque, and wash away the dead cells which accumulate on the tongue, gums and cheeks. These cells can actually decompose in your mouth, causing a foul smell. By drinking water regularly, you can flush away these dead skin cells and reduce the acidity levels in your mouth.

For some, the state of dental health can be so far gone that they may need immediate professional help such as a professional dental cleaning. Dr Alex Rubinov is one of the top choices in New York, offering a wide variety of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Choose a doctor who is trusted by many for your dental needs.

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