How Do Single Tooth Implants Help With Tooth Loss After A Sports Injury? | Dr. Alex Midtown NYC Cosmetic Dentist

How Do Single Tooth Implants Help With Tooth Loss After A Sports Injury?

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Losing a permanent tooth can be one of the worst cases every person can ever encounter in his or her lifetime. It makes a person uncomfortable, and on top of that, it can affect one’s smile as well. Not to forget, this can make chewing even more difficult.┬áThat precious tooth can be lost for different reasons, the most common of which is a sports injury. If you have been knocked out by another player with his elbows, or a piece of equipment, then chances are, you need to find a way to get that lost tooth back. That is the only way with which you can bring that smile on your face. Have you ever heard of single tooth implants? Here is how it can help with your situation.

What are Single Tooth Implants?

Single tooth implants is one of those dental implant procedures that can be used if you have missed a tooth from a sports injury or from other circumstances. Like other types of dental implants, this is used to treat a condition, by making sure that the implant looks and feels natural on the patient. That way, it will be difficult for others to notice that the original tooth is no longer in place.

The Importance of Consultation

A single tooth implant is no different from other types of dental implants. Just the same as undergoing other procedures for tooth replacement, you will need to take several trips to your dentist to get that perfect replacement for your lost tooth. The more advanced techniques require a minimum of two visits, though. While the entire process can be time-consuming, and may mean that you need to spend more, you will be surprised at how the results can compensate for how much time and money you have spent for the process.

The Procedure

The dentist creates an opening on your jawbone where you have lost that tooth from a sports injury. The single tooth implant will then be placed on that opening. As long as you have properly taken care of the implant, it can last up to or even beyond 25 years. You can clean and floss the implant like you would with all your other remaining natural teeth.

Can there be Problems with Single Tooth Implant?

Just like other dental procedures, you may be concerned about contacting infections and other issues with a single tooth implant. These situations are rare and can be solved with a visit to your dentist. The sooner you pay your dental professional a visit, the better it will be to solve the issue at hand. 

Getting that natural smile back even after suffering a tooth loss from a sports injury is possible. Thanks to single tooth implant and you will soon be fit to meet your opponent once more, with a smile that flashes your teeth like before. Of course, always remember to choose the expert that will handle the treatment for you. This is the best guarantee for you to get that tooth back without others noticing that you have an implant.