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How Bioclear Matrices Can Be Used To Seal Diastemas

Sometimes new patients request spacial bonding between their teeth. They’ve tried other dentists previously, and the bonding that was added fell out after only a few months. A lot of these patients have dentin pools and considerable attrition, requiring treatment that is comprehensive. Bioclear matrices are one of the best tools a dentist can use to address this issue, ensuring that tooth spaces can be closed in a manner where they do not fall off.

What Are Bioclear Matrices?

Bioclear matrices are wedges made with silicone that can be utilized for the sealing of diastemas. The dentist must stretch them so that they become thinner and will pass beneath the composite increment which is cured flowable.  It is essential however to take a good “before” photo to see how the patient’s teeth look prior to installation, so that it can be contrasted to the “after” shot you will get once the procedure is done.

Before the Bioclear matrices can be used it will be necessary to remove the existing composite, especially if the patient has a strong horizontal composite shelf over their papilla. Optragate is ideal for this task as it is well suited to isolation and then access, particularly for procedures involving the anterior. Once the patient’s older composite is completely removed, it will be a dramatic improvement.

Bioclear Matrices Installation

After the old composite is removed, fresh composite can be placed on the distal. This is where you will want to utilize finishing disks and the Bioclear matrix. When etching and then applying the bonding agent, it can really help to use Teflon tape. Once this is done a Bioclear matrix can be added with flowable composite being applied near the matrix’s cervical aspect.

The goal of using flowable increment near a cervical aspect is to establish a foundation for a solid emergency profile which can then be used for the creation of a wedge anchor point. Your Bioclear kit should include wedges made of silicone (called Interproximators) which are contoured anatomically. Once the wedge has been placed, the Teflon tape can be removed.

Advantages Of Using Bioclear Matrices

There are a multitude of benefits that dentists will gain from using Bioclear matrices. As stated previously, other methods commonly used for spacial bonding might fail after three months. This is because traditional strips made with Mylar tend to produce an emergency profile which is unnaturally straight, which has proximal contact with the incisal that is too small. Bioclear matrices, on the other hand, produce an emergency profile which is more natural, that will provide greater support to the patient’s gingival papilla while simultaneously creating proximal contact which is broad.

For those interested in Bioclear matrices, courses can be taken which are hands on, and it is highly recommended to check out their videos as they showcase proper technique for the closing of diastemas.

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