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Here’s What To Ask Your Teeth Whitening Dentist In New York City

Many things affect how bright your smile will be, and one of the obvious ones is how white your teeth are. Teeth can be discolored for a variety of reasons. Smoking, drinking lots of coffee or carbonated drinks, and poor oral hygiene can all contribute to tooth discoloration.

Long-term consumption of hard water also has this effect, even if you brush your teeth daily. This means whitening your teeth is not only a matter of bleaching them. When you visit a credible dentist, they will first find out why your teeth are stained and then provide a tailor-made solution to cleaning them. The dental clinic will also provide information on how to care for your teeth afterward to remain as white as possible. Some of the questions you need to ask your dentist before whitening include the following:

How Effective Is It Going to Be?

The procedure’s effectiveness is a function of what causes your teeth to be stained in the first place. Dental tooth whitening can remove stains from food and drinks and a small number of other causes. However, it is only fully effective in some instances. In some cases, it may work only temporarily or may not work at all. It could also reduce staining moderately.

Before doing any tooth whitening, a credible dentist will take a detailed history to identify the cause of the staining. This will then inform them on whether the whitening procedure will be effective and which method to use to whiten the teeth. For instance, people who have tooth discoloration as a result of undergoing root canal surgery or tooth decay may not be good candidates for tooth whitening. These forms of staining involve the entire tooth, not just the surface. Asking your dentist how effective the procedure will be will help you manage your expectations. It will also give you an idea of whether the procedure is worth it.

Will It Have an Impact on Prior Dental Work?

You might have done other dental work in the past, such as installing dental crowns and veneers. In the case of dental crowns, for instance, those made from composite material might darken or stain, especially if not well taken care of. You can also get composite dental crowns whose color does not match the natural color of your teeth. In such cases, tooth whitening will not work on dental crowns. This means that if you get whitening done, the rest of your natural teeth will look whiter, while the ones with crowns will look the same. This can make the color disparity between teeth more noticeable.

Long Will It Last?

Many factors influence how long your teeth will stay pearly white. Typically, your teeth can remain white from six months till up to two years, depending on the methods used and how you care for your teeth. Your dentist will ask about your lifestyle to know about factors that could cause tooth staining. They will recommend that you avoid coffee, soft drinks, red wine, and some foods to prolong the effect of the staining. This is important since tooth whitening repeatedly over short periods is not advisable. It can lead to tooth sensitivity due to enamel erosion.

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