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Good Veneer Maintenance Habits To Adopt

Having chipped or misshapen teeth can cause self esteem issues for many people since they affect their smiles. Using porcelain veneers is an easy way to fix these defects, and should definitely be considered. To avoid disappointment, ensuring that the veneers are fixed by an accredited dentist experienced in putting them in place is highly recommended. Maintaining the veneers will also ensure that they last long and maintain their aesthetics for far longer, and you will get more bang for your buck. Some of the maintenance habits that you should definitely adopt once you get veneers fixed include:

Good Old Oral Hygiene

Once you get porcelain veneers fixed, it’s a good time to ensure that you reevaluate your oral hygiene regimen and ensure that you stick to the current standards. Making sure that you clean your teeth at least twice a day and flossing are basic oral hygiene tips that can make your veneers last longer. Remember to spend at least half a minute brushing each half of your upper and lower jaw, so that the total time spent brushing is a minimum of two minutes. Also remember to keep your gums clean as well. Using toothbrushes with medium or soft bristles is encouraged to prevent further damage to gums and teeth.

Avoid Using Your Teeth as Utility Tools

It’s common to find people using their teeth as tools to remove staples, to open bottles of soda or beer and even to open plastic packaging. This might sound convenient, but it places your teeth and veneers at great risk of chipping or breaking particularly if you do this often. Try to leave this habit behind if you want to have a better smile, and to also keep the integrity of your veneers as well.   

In the same vein, you should also avoid biting into very hard foods or objects when you have veneers. This places a lot of stress in the plane between the veneers and the surface of your tooth, and could cause one or more of them to eventually come off. The same can also be said for eating or drinking foods with high temperature differentials compared to the environment, such as having a very cold drink when it’s very hot outside. The sudden shift in temperature can easily crack your teeth if they are not healthy.

Consider Investing In a Mouth Guard

Many people have to take part in activities that may put their veneers at risk, such as high impact sports. Some may also have disorders such as biting hard on their teeth when asleep as a reflex. If you fall into this category, getting a high-quality mouth guard would be a good investment. Not only do they protect your teeth from all the above, but they also prevent the veneers from being exposed to unnecessary physical forces that might pry them off. When having the veneers put in place, you should expect to have a minor audit of your lifestyle, so that you can be given the right advice on veneer maintenance. Some dental firms will also sell you the accessories you need to do this.

Stay Away from Foods and Beverages that Can Stain

To maintain the look of your veneers, stay away from foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. The common ones include soda and coffee. Smoking should also be reconsidered, since it deposits tar onto teeth and this gradually causes them to turn brown. This staining is usually difficult to get rid of unless you visit a trusted dentist for cosmetic dentistry.

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