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Four Easy Tips To Have The Perfect Smile In Photos

Perfect Smile In Photos

There are numerous ways to look better in photos and to have the perfect smile. With the holiday season approaching, you may have to take more photos with your family and friends. Smiling for so many photos can be tiring. It can also make your facial muscles more tired and your smile may begin to look more unnatural and forced. Regardless of the occasion, you should strive to show off your beautiful smile and make sure that every picture is good. Here are some tips for the perfect smile in photos.

Don’t Say ‘Cheese’

When you say ‘Cheese’, your smile may feel forced and tight. The action of saying the word ‘Cheese’ also does not fully stretch your facial muscles to a smile. Instead, you should try saying the word ‘Money’. This is a renowned Hollywood trick that can help in the movement of the lips to make the smile more natural. The thought of money may also make you smile and happier in photos.

Relax Your Jaw Muscles And Face

Before taking a picture, it is important to take a deep breath and relax. Too often people who are unable to relax may have a forced, stiff, or awkward smile. You can also let loose and laugh a little before the photoshoot if it helps. Your smile will look the most perfect and beautiful when you are the happiest, relaxed, and enjoying the moment. 

There are many different ways to relax. You can think of happy thoughts, look at someone you love, or do a small dance that makes you feel better. By focusing on your face and jaw muscles, and taking a few seconds to consciously relax, you can smile much more naturally. 

You can also close your eyes for a few seconds to relax and take deep breaths before opening your eyes before the picture is taken. This helps you to feel calmer and smile better.

Ask The Photographer to Tell A Joke

If you are finding it hard to smile naturally and relax, you can also ask the photographer to tell a joke. This is a great way for making the situation less tense and more relaxed. This will cheer you up and make you laugh or smile. Alternatively, if you are taking a picture with your family or friends you could ask them to tell a joke or share a funny incident. 


The perfect smile will not happen in one picture or overnight. It may take some practice before you can master smiling perfectly. If you have a big occasion coming up such as a wedding or graduation ceremony, you may want to practice smiling in front of the mirror before the big day. 

When you practice in front of the mirror, you can see your body posture and your smile. You are also able to practice until you can smile naturally and have a good body posture. By practicing regularly, you will be more accustomed to the feeling of the perfect smile and your perfect posture. Thus, during the photoshoot, you will feel more confident and relaxed.