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Four Common Misconceptions About Dental Implants

Archaeological records show that dental implants may have been used since prehistoric times. Surprisingly, they were common by 600 AD. Meanwhile, modern dental implants were developed in the 1970s in Switzerland. They grew in popularity throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Now, dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing or aging teeth. However, there are numerous myths about this common procedure. Read on to learn more about the common misconceptions about dental implants and the truths!

Dental Implants are Painful

Although dental implants are considered a minor oral surgery, most patients feel that it is much less painful compared to a tooth extraction. A skilled dentist with advanced technology can make the procedure almost pain-free. If you are given painkillers, do take them as instructed even when you are not in pain. It is much easier to stay ahead of pain rather than fight it when it is felt. Most people are able to go back to their normal routine in just 72 hours.

Dental Implants are Expensive

It is true that the cost of dental implants is higher than other methods of restoration such as dentures or dental bridges. Those solutions usually last for about 10 years. Additionally, dentures lead to jawbone loss and have to be relined once a year. Dental bridges can weaken the anchoring teeth, increasing the risk for tooth decay or fracture. Meanwhile, dental implants can last a lifetime. Be careful of pricing offers that seem too good to be true. Even though you won’t need the most expensive dental implants, the costs should still be reasonable compared to the market rate.

Dental Implants are Only for the Healthy

It is true that dental implants are best placed in a clean, healthy mouth. If you have oral health problems such as gum disease or tooth decay, we have to treat those issues before we start this process. On top of that, underlying conditions such as bleeding disorders or diabetes must be well controlled before any surgery. Finally, you must have a high-quality jawbone in order to support the implants, so you may need to do a bone graft. Within boundaries, basically anyone can do dental implants.

Dental Implants are Likely to Fail

Dental implants are made using biocompatible titanium, which is unlikely for the body to reject. In a few rare cases, a dental implant might not completely fuse with the jawbone. But generally, the success rates are about 95 percent. With a highly experienced dentist, and by following all aftercare instructions, you can achieve a success rate of 98 percent and above.

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