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Five Tips To Cope With Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

If you are scared of the dentist but need treatment, you are not alone. Up to 22 percent of patients who go to the dentist experience extreme dental anxiety. If you are like many others, you face some degree of uneasiness when you need to visit the dentist. It can be disturbing to have someone explore such a personal area, such as your teeth, gums and mouth.

For some people, this nervousness can go beyond being mildly unsettling. People who experience extreme forms of dental anxiety may become so affected and panicked by thoughts of going to the dentist that they avoid it altogether. This can reach a point where mild dental problems become severe.

This can also result in poor self-esteem if you are concerned about your appearance due to a bad tooth or uneven teeth. Even though most people feel this way, routine dental visits will help you avoid many of the scary complications that proper oral health care can prevent. Working through dental anxiety can help you get preventive care to avoid more difficult dental treatments. Read on to learn more about the best tips to cope with dental anxiety!

Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation is an effective tool for managing feelings of anxiety. You can use this method to address certain types of anxiety, such as the dental anxiety you experience when thinking about a dental visit. Start with some deep breathing exercises, and return to these exercises anytime you feel overwhelmed with thoughts of visiting the dentist.

Distract Yourself

You have so many things you can do with your mobile phone or tablet device or distract yourself. Bring along distractions, like audiobooks, movies, or your favorite music to listen to when you go to the dentist. This way, you can be happily distracted while the dentist works on your teeth.

Try a Stress Ball or Fidget Spinner

You can try using a stress ball or a fidget spinner while going for dental treatment. Children might want to have their favorite stuffed animal with them during their appointment too.

Consider Anxiety Medication

Another option for coping with your dental anxiety is to ask your doctor if a short-term prescription for anti-anxiety medication might help you with your dental treatment needs. You have to talk about this with the dentist to avoid any interactions between medications. This method might help reduce the anxiety enough so you can get through the dental procedure.

Practice Visualization Techniques

Try visualization techniques and imagine yourself somewhere else, preferably a place that relaxes you. Whether sitting on your front porch swing or at the beach, visualizing you are somewhere pleasant will calm you.

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