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Dental Implants Restrict Me To Eat Certain Food: Myth Or Fact?

It is common for people to ask this question when patients set the date for their initial implant procedure. Just like those who wear dentures, they wonder what they cannot eat before the procedure. This is for after the surgery and for the rest of their lives. While implants and dentures have certain similarities as they are meant to mimic natural teeth, the two of them are greatly different. Dental implants are a lot stronger than dentures and don’t have to be removed to be cleaned. Denture wearers may need to restrict foods but dental implant wearers can eat anything, with some exceptions. Read on to learn more about whether dental implants restrict you from eating certain foods!

Before the Dental Implant

As the dental implant procedure is a surgery, your mouth will have to be kept clean to avoid infection. The dentist will clean the surgical site adequately so you don’t have to worry. If you want to floss or brush prior to your dental implants, that is even better. However, you don’t have to restrict your eating before the procedure.

Days after the Surgery

Just after the procedure, there may be some soreness and swelling. This is normal because the signals show that your jaw is healing. Your jaw bone has to heal and grow around the dental implant to keep it fixed in place. If you eat foods that are hard or too sticky, like apples or corn, you might knock the implant out of alignment or hinder the healing process. So, use your judgment and eat only foods that are easy on the dental implant.

During the Months after

Usually, the jawbone takes a few months for it to heal properly. So you have to look out for what you eat for three to six months. Any food that makes a loud noise when you eat it should be considered first before you eat it. While chips will not cause many problems compared to apples or corn, use your own judgment. It is better to care for your implant well than to enjoy the treat for a few moments of pleasure. But we understand how tempting some foods can be.

Unlike dentures, dental implants are possibly the closest thing to having your natural teeth. When the bone has completely healed, you can eat whatever you want. Just like your natural teeth, you can go back to enjoying all the chewy and crunchy foods you like. When your dental implants are healed, you can eat normally again without any food restrictions.

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