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Find Out The Medical Benefits Of Straightening Teeth

Dental braces have revolutionized straightening teeth procedures and helped restore smiles for many patients across the world. However, these dental devices not only give you a beautiful smile, but also offer a variety of medical benefits to the patient. Some of these medical benefits include:

Improved Jaw Alignment

A misaligned jaw or overcrowding of the teeth leads to speech problems. To correct this problem, an orthodontist uses an expander to make the palate broader before placing in the braces. An expanded palate makes breathing better, improves your sinus and ear problems and reduces snoring. Additionally, jaw alignment corrects your facial proportions, consequently changing the way you look for the better.

Enhanced Bite

Braces help correct a bite that is aligned poorly as a result of missing teeth or poor teeth alignment. When your bite has a gap, your ability to properly break down food is affected, and this ultimately affects your digestion. If untreated, a weakly aligned bite becomes painful since your jaw works more to chew, resulting in lock jaw, and potential headaches related to a pain in the jaw.

Improved Confidence

Low confidence results in reduced quality of life. When people behave antisocially in crowds due to low self-esteem as a result of a crooked smile, they miss out on important opportunities of networking. A perfect smile leads to better productivity, more happiness, decreased anxiety in social gatherings and improved health.

Improved Oral Care Practices

Misaligned and crowded teeth make cleaning harder and less effective. Some parts of the tooth may be unexposed, thus flossing and brushing become impossible. This leads to bacteria and plaque buildup which causes cavities and gum disease.

For patients with braces, there is need to practice good oral hygiene to prevent teeth staining, bad breath and gum disease. Brushing twice a day; flossing and using mouthwash daily; and cleaning around and between the wires and brackets are some of the oral care practices to effectively clean the teeth. Teeth straightening makes these habits easier and more effective.

Straight Teeth Are More Durable

Misaligned teeth cause problems while biting and chewing by putting too much pressure on certain areas that cannot handle that much stress. This causes wearing of the enamel fracturing of the teeth edges, chipping, leveling of the biting area, and other problems. Properly aligned teeth do not wear off easily as a result of collusion between the upper and lower jaws.

With an enhanced bite, better jaw alignment, improved self-confidence and improved oral care practices, it is safe to say that teeth straightening has important medical benefits as well as aesthetic functions.

If you desire that perfect smile with straight teeth, consult with Dr. Alex Rubinov today. You can rest assured knowing you are in good hands that specialize in straightening teeth for years. We have a high success rate of teeth straightening treatment procedures and our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

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