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Everything You Need to Know About Enameloplasty


Enameloplasty or dental recontouring is a cosmetic dental process where doctors remove a part of the enamel as a way of reshaping the teeth to achieve a more pleasant smile. The process is often used to shorten teeth or to remove overlaps between one tooth and another. Enameloplasty is considered a conservative cosmetic treatment with very few side effects.

When Enameloplasty is Suitable

Enameloplasty is often recommended when the anomalies that need correction are very slight. These sorts of anomalies include teeth overlap and misshapen teeth. Other problems that can be fixed by this procedure include enamel bulges in a tooth. In many cases, this procedure is used in tandem with other procedures such as veneers in order to change an individual’s overall smile profile.

Benefits of Enameloplasty

There are numerous advantages to correcting your teeth using enameloplasty. The first benefit is the fact that the process is relatively simple and does not require any medication or anesthesia to perform. It is also fast and you can get everything done in just one doctor’s appointment. There are no side effects nor any long-term effects. Results from this procedure are also immediate.

How the Procedure Is Done

Before you come in for your enameloplasty, you will likely have talked to your doctor about it and he or she will have agreed on what the objectives of the procedure will be. Once the dentist confirms that the procedure can take place, he or she will use a diamond-tipped drill to take off a tiny amount of enamel from your tooth. Once this is done, the doctor will then file and polish the tooth to shape it as desired. If the enamel is too thin or if the tooth is not a good candidate for this procedure, the doctor is likely to recommend other options such as veneers. Enameloplasty is painless because at no point does the dentist touch the root of the tooth.

Things to Note

Since your enamel will have been thinned by the procedure, you need to ensure that you take extra care of your oral health. This is because the thinned enamel means that the tooth is even more susceptible to tooth decay and other dental problems. For this reason, it is a good idea to ensure that you maintain strict oral hygiene to keep tooth decay at bay. Apart from tooth decay, the thinned enamel also makes the tooth susceptible to breaking or chipping. To avoid this, ensure that you do not bite on hard objects or do activities that could lead to your tooth chipping.

When all is said and done, enameloplasty is a quick and painless way to fix small anomalies in your teeth. Working with a well-established and experiencedNYC cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Alex Rubinov ensures that the procedure will be done professionally. Contact us at (718) 253-0800 to schedule an appointment.