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Elements Of A Full Smile Makeover

Full Smile Makeover

A smile is one of the most universal expressions in the world. Regardless of language and culture, a smile means the same things across the world over. For this reason, getting a smile makeover can be one of the most useful things to get done. Improving your smile can bring about positive results in all spheres of your life. This includes both your social life as well as your professional life. However, many people do not understand what is involved when getting a full smile makeover. Read on to find out what this comprises of.

Your full smile makeover plan may include one or more of the following:

Porcelain Veneers

These are thin porcelain sheaths that are placed on top of the tooth to correct slight anomalies. Such anomalies include chipped teeth, small gaps, stains among others. Porcelain veneers are easy to put on and generally don’t involve any intrusive procedures.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth or have teeth that are so damaged that they can’t be saved, your dentist might recommend having a dental implant. What this involves is a titanium rod that is surgically inserted into your gums and jawbone. After a period of time (this can vary from several weeks to several months), the titanium rod fuses with the jawbone and the treated area heals. Your dentist will then place a crown on top of the rod which acts as the surface of the tooth. Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and are much more effective than dentures. They can last for many years and their permanent nature means that you will soon forget that you have an implant instead of a real tooth.

Tooth Fillings

For small cavities, your dentist might opt to use tooth-colored fillings that conceal the cavities. This way, you need not worry about anyone noticing that you have cavities when you smile or laugh.

Gum Treatment

If your gums have receded, your dentist might opt to do a series of grafting procedures to fix that problem. They involve taking tissue from other parts of your mouth and grafting it on the affected area. Receding gums pose a health problem to your teeth but can also spoil your smile by giving the impression of long teeth (because more of the tooth is exposed). Cosmetic gum surgery helps to fix this problem.

Teeth Whitening

This involves making your teeth brighter to give you a sparkling smile. Teeth whitening is also a relatively straight forward procedure that is done in the space of one or two visits.

Your cosmetic dentist will typically advise you on what procedures are needed to give you the smile you want. This is done after a thorough assessment of your teeth and a discussion with you about your smile makeover goals. If you are thinking of having a full smile makeover and are looking for a cosmetic dentist in New York City, look no further than Dr. Alex Rubinov. Dr. Rubinov is a professional and licensed cosmetic dentist with years of experience. Contact his practice at (718) 253-0800 for an appointment.