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Effective Invisalign Tips To Know

invisalign tips

Invisalign is a state of the art cosmetic dental procedure. It is significantly more advanced than classical retainers and bracers, as when applied it is practically invisible to casual observers. They can also be removed with ease and are specially designed to fit over your teeth and gums and gradually straighten them out over time. Below are some additional Invisalign tips to be mindful of.

Keep The Aligners And Your Teeth Clean

When using the aligners you will want to brush, floss and rinse after each meal. This will eliminate food which gets trapped between the teeth, and a tongue scraper can be used to clean the tongue each morning so you have fresh breath. Aligners themselves should be cleaned in the same manner as you do for your teeth, with either toothpaste or mouth wash that is alcohol free.

Stick To Your Dental Appointments

Your treatment isn’t over once the aligners are installed; you must also continue receiving regular cleanings. The reason for this is because your teeth will move and shift, exposing areas which were never visible before that the dentist will need to examine. Many people neglect cleanings because they see it as being a chore, but failing to do it will defeat the purpose of Invisalign and leave your teeth and gums vulnerable to a variety of problems.

Wear Your Aligners As Directed

Many dentists will recommend wearing them for twenty two hours daily, which will require many patients to reduce their eating, particularly for certain types of snacks and drinks. As a result many patients who are overweight have found that by undergoing Invisalign they can actually shed some pounds while straightening their teeth simultaneously. The treatment will come with a single box of aligners and each will be worn for approximately two weeks. If you don’t wear them for the time that the dentist recommends this increases the time that is needed for the teeth to straighten.

Keep Your Previous Aligners Even When Moving To The Next

For the duration of your treatment the dentist will issue you a series of aligners, an initial one and then subsequent pairs as your teeth shift. Your previous set should be kept on hand in case you damage or lose the newer set. That way, while waiting for a replacement, which can take up to seven days, you can wear the older set on your teeth which will prevent them from moving in an awkward way. After receiving the replacement the two week cycle will need to be restarted.

Select Your Dentist Wisely

There are many dentists available in the New York area, and not all are of the same caliber. The worst mistake you can make is choosing a dentist based purely on cost. A treatment which is “cheap” will often be of low quality or the dentist isn’t that familiar with the procedure. Be sure to choose an experienced, reputable dental practitioner.