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Easy Ways To Determine If You Have Bad Breath

bad breath

Bad breath, which is also known by the technical term halitosis, can be hard to detect in the individual that has it. There are a number of things which can cause it, and the condition can be embarrassing. Below are some ways to determine if you have it before you expose it to others.

The Wrist Test

A simple way to determine how your breath smells is through licking your wrist (the inside), and allowing it to dry for about sixty seconds, and then smell it. The inner wrist is better than the hands because you’re not constantly using it to handle stuff, which means you can get a more accurate reading on how your breath actually smells. If you do have bad breath, the sulphur salts will transmit themselves from the tongue onto the skin.

The Mirror Test

Another simple method for testing your breath is through the usage of a mirror. To do it, get in front of a mirror, and then stick out the tongue as much as you can. Take a close look at it. If you notice a film on it which is white in color, this means that you most likely have halitosis since the bacteria which resides within the bio film can cause the tongue to emit an unpleasant odor.

Unpleasant Taste

If you notice a taste in your mouth which is unpleasant, this can be an0other sign that you have bad breath. In particular, the taste will usually be noticeable after you’ve eaten a meal which is rich in spices, or you’ve consumed a drink which is either sugary or alcoholic.

Home Testing Kit

Home testing kits are probably the most precise way to determine how your breath smells. They are usually sold by pharmacists or chemists, and works by testing samples of your saliva. If after putting your saliva on the sample it comes out clear, this means your breath is fresh, but if the sample turns blue this means it isn’t. This test kit can be used prior to a date or interview for a job to make sure your breath is fresh ahead of time, and to correct it if it isn’t. The smallest kits can easily fit in a purse and pocket.

Dental Floss And Cotton Test

Those that regularly floss can use their dental floss to determine if their breath smells bad. To do so, you will first want to place the floss between your teeth in the back of the mouth, as this is the location where the food crumbs usually get caught. After you’re done then sniff the floss to determine what type of odor is emitted whenever you talk. Cotton can be used in a similar manner. However, instead of sticking it between the teeth as you would do with floss, instead you will want to wipe your tongue’s back, and then smell it to see if your breath is fresh. If a yellow stain is visible on the cotton this means your mouth is producing an elevated level of sulfide.