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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Getting Dental Smile Makeover!

dental smile makeover

A great smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. If it looks stunning, then it will give you more confidence and generally enhance the quality of your life. That is why the dental smile makeover is considered more of a need rather than a luxury.

It can turn around your life and give you a nice set of teeth for the stunning smile that you have been longing for. Nonetheless, you have to be extra keen about the entire procedure. The last thing you want is to spend your money on a mediocre dental makeover that will turn your smile into a laughing stock. Apart from failing to work with a dependable dentist, here are other notable mistakes you should avoid for a flawless makeover.

Inadequately Caring about Your Smile

Right after restoring your smile with a dental makeover, you need to work on maintaining it regularly to preserve it for a long time. However, if you are not keen on taking care of your smile then it will neither be as durable nor as functional as it was designed to be. The process of caring for your new smile is not so demanding. You simply need to respect your teeth by adopting healthy practices, flossing regularly, and going for dental checkups from time to time.

Not Focusing on the Bite

Most dentists tend to focus on the aesthetic part of a dental makeover and forget about other crucial factors like tooth alignment. Indeed, smile makeovers are largely about appearance improvement. However, if the bite is not natural then the smile makeover might not last for long.

The dentist has to align the teeth accordingly for them to function properly. An imbalanced bite will exert undue stress and pressure on the newly installed restorations. If that continues for a while, then the overworked restorations will potentially wear down or break your natural teeth.

Therefore, it is vital to work with a dentist that has a perfect understanding of neuromuscular dentistry for an appealing smile as well as a healthy and functional bite. 

Forgetting to Replace Old Restorations

If you are opting for a dental smile makeover, then there might be a slight chance that you have already done it before. Maybe this time round, you need an upgrade, or your want to correct a makeover that was shoddily done previously.

Whatever your reason is, it is quite likely that you may forget to replace the old restorations as well. Maintaining a combination of old and new restorations is not always effective. There might be a slight difference in alignment or quality hence causing problems with functionality. It might be particularly vital to replace fillings and metal crowns.

Treating Only a Few Teeth

It is very tempting to only focus on treating a few select teeth that you perceive to be of the most importance. Your perception is partly true. Your mouth has six teeth vital for your smile makeover. Nonetheless, focusing only on the six teeth will not earn you the perfect outcome that you are looking for.

On top of that, a dental makeover should cover more than just an appealing smile. It should also take care of your speech and how you chew or eat your food. Therefore, you need to work on every tooth that will provide a wholesome result for a better smile and heightened functionality.

Going for Low-Quality Material

A good dentist should provide solid advice on the ideal material to use for your makeover. Choosing quality material guarantees top-notch functionality along with added durability.  Working with cheap materials will not deliver the excellent result you are after. Apart from being unattractive, it will not be long lasting hence requiring you to undertake another dental smile makeover which is not cheap.


Opting for a dental smile makeover is a serious undertaking.  You should not mess it up by making the aforementioned mistakes. The ultimate dental makeover ought to deliver a stunning smile with healthy, functional teeth that will last for a long time.