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Do Porcelain Veneers Look Like Natural Teeth?

Porcelain veneers are done for cosmetic purposes to help with discolored, uneven, and broken teeth. They restore the look of your smile and even create that perfect smile you always wanted. Veneers are made to perfectly fit your teeth, improving the quality of your smile and your bite. It is understandable that if you were to get veneers, you would want natural-looking veneers. Porcelain veneers are great for people who have uneven teeth, gaps between their teeth, those cracks or chips in their teeth, and teeth with deep stains or discoloration. Installation of these natural-looking veneers is easier for people with enough tooth enamel to practice good oral and dental hygiene. However, it is essential to consult your dentist to determine if these porcelain veneers are a good match for you.

What Happens During a Porcelain Veneer Consultation?

During the consultation with your dentist, your dentist will understand what kind of smile you are looking for and your goals for doing this procedure. Your dentist will do some analysis and tests to have a better look at your existing teeth. After doing so, your dentist will advise whether these natural-looking veneers suit you. If your dentist believes that veneers are the best solution for you, they will start creating temporary veneers. This gives the dentist a rough gauge of how your teeth will look with veneers. They will ensure that the prepared teeth will fit perfectly to your teeth. Before the dentist inserts the permanent veneers, they will ensure the color, shape, and fit is just as you wanted. They will make the necessary adjustments if needed. The process is often painless and straightforward. Additionally, the veneers can be customized to the shade you like. If you find bright and white veneers unnatural, you can opt to tone the veneers down.

Porcelain Veneers are the Most Natural Looking Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the most natural-looking veneers that will not impact the quality of your bright smile. These veneers mimic our natural teeth. For example, our natural teeth are slightly translucent, which allows some light through at certain angles. These porcelain veneers mimic this and are slightly translucent as well. This makes it look so realistic in different lighting conditions. Additionally, these porcelain veneers can be reflective, just like our natural teeth, which makes them look very natural. These porcelain veneers have a very realistic texture likened to natural teeth. However, unlike real teeth, they are very resistant to stains and other materials, which is why the process of having veneers can be expensive. Not only are they resistant, but they are also durable.

Good dentists will ensure that your veneers are well-fitted to withstand daily pressures on your teeth so they do not break. However, there may be instances where they crack because of biting down on food too hard or using your teeth to open the packaging. Sometimes there is also long-term wear and tear that can cause the cement that holds the veneers in place to weaken. If you care for your veneers properly, they should be able to extend their lifespan while keeping your smile naturally shiny and bright.

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