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Don’t Feel Like Brushing Your Teeth At Night? Think Again

brushing your teeth at night

Are you the kind of person who only brushes their teeth once a day, and that’s in the daytime? Well, you may not be too pleased with what you’ll soon find out. If, on the other hand, you do usually brush your teeth twice a day, you may be occasionally tempted to skip brushing every so often in the evenings, especially on those nights where you come home late and can barely keep yourself from collapsing into bed in your work clothes. Though you may be consoling yourself at this moment that you are better off than the ones who skip their nighttime brushing altogether, you shouldn’t be too smug, because there are many unsavory things that can happen when you don’t brush your teeth before bedtime.

But how often are you supposed to brush your teeth, according to the experts? The American Dental Association (ADA) advises everyone to brush their teeth twice daily with a soft-bristled brush. The reason for this is to prevent damage to your teeth and gums, including oral illnesses and other more serious health issues. The technique is important, too; the most effective way is to brush gently at a 45 degree angle to your teeth. Many people do add on steps like flossing and using mouthwash on top of their basic brushing of teeth. The more you care for your teeth, the less you leave yourself open to developing infections and diseases in your mouth. So, don’t let inertia get in the way of you and your nighttime teeth brushing regimen, for these pertinent reasons:

You Can Get Cavities

Cavities, the bane of every set of healthy pearly whites. They are sore reminders of your poor oral hygiene habits, and on top of it all, like salt in the wound, back in the days of iron fillings they would show very clearly in your mouth when you open it. The beginnings of a cavity can appear after skipping just one brushing! Why put yourself through that risk and stress? Keep your teeth cavity-free as far as possible by brushing every night!

You Will Have Awful Breath

In general, after 12 hours your breath would not be smelling great. If you don’t brush your teeth in the morning, your morning breath would likely make your colleagues’ toes curl. But skipping the evening brushing of teeth can make your bad breath worse, as the bacteria multiplies in your mouth overnight, making the morning breath situation even more potent.

Plaque Will Build Up

Though not as offensive as bad breath, plaque build up in your mouth can harden and become a prime ground to trap germs and bacteria. The harder the plaque, the more challenging it is for the dentist to scrape away at.

Your Teeth Cannot Remineralize

Like other cells in the body, your teeth repair themselves overnight and recover from the day. Without brushing your teeth, they do not have the fluoride needed to help them in the process.

If you have dental issues that may be caused by not brushing your teeth at night, it’s too late to prevent, but you can still cure — speak to a professional, experienced dentist like Dr Alex Rubinov in New York City. And of course, change your teeth brushing habits! You can find more dental care tips on our blog.