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Determining Your Suitability for Dental Bonding

First impressions are really important. What most people notice on meeting a new person are the person’s teeth. Have you been ashamed of your stained, gapped and/or chipped teeth? All is not lost thanks to the invention of dental bonding. This is a technique that involves applying composite resin on your tooth to shape, fill or whiten. However, this gift to man is not for everyone as convenient as it may sound. This is usually an approach advisable to someone looking for a temporary solution as they save for more permanent solutions.


Dental Bonding is very convenient pocket-wise solution to your dental issues. Prices vary due to certain factors such as the number of teeth you need fixed. Some dental insurance plans cater for most of the cost, but just to be safe, consult if they will cover and by how much. If you were looking for an affordable solution for your dental infirmities, this is just what you need.


As convenient as it may be, dental bonding has its downsides. To get durable solutions, you need to do your part to extend its lifetime. It is said to last for averagely 10 years. It has been proven that you may prolong this period by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly. Practices such as smoking, eating hard foods may get you back to the dentist sooner than you think. From time to time, you will need replacement or even retouch the improved teeth.

Get Desirable Effects

Bonding can be used to fill chipped teeth, cavities and tooth decay, large gaps between teeth, make smaller teeth bigger to match the rest, oddly-shaped teeth and to whiten teeth. It works best to mask your minor imperfections.


This technique is one of the fastest procedures to be applied. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes for the process to be accomplished (this is per tooth). You do not even need to be under anesthesia.  The procedure is done on one visit. It is ideal for those who are very busy and those who are afraid of hospitals and long procedures. The procedure is a conservative program; your tooth will not undergo any change. In terms of aftercare, dental hygiene practices such as flossing and brushing do not change. You may have to refrain from certain practices and foods (as advised by your dentist).


Composite bonding is a method to solve minor issues on a short term basis. For a more permanent option based on your problem try getting veneers or other options as advised by a professional dentist. In order to enjoy the results of dental bonding for a long time, you must be willing to follow the instructions of your dentist. It lasts long depending on how much you take care of them. Bonding is done on one visit, it is painless plus the state of your tooth remains the same. Choose bonding to get the perfect smile to enhance your look and confidence. Always consult a seasoned dental practitioner who has the experience in dental bonding.

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