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Dangers of ‘Accelerating’ Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment has grown in popularity over the years. Many people prefer the aesthetically pleasing Invisalign trays rather than the traditional braces. Invisalign treatment consists of custom-made clear plastic trays that are fitted into your teeth to correct alignment issues. These trays are made of a hard clear plastic that are barely noticeable.

Invisalign trays also can be removed when one is eating or cleaning teeth. This ensures that the wearer maintains good oral health even as the alignment issue is being corrected. For Invisalign treatment to work, it is best to go through the whole program over the time duration specified by your dentist. Here is what happens if you try to rush the process.

Alignment is a Gradual Process

The shape and alignment of your teeth is a process that takes a long time to happen. The alignment of your teeth is influenced by among other things, genetics and any dental traumas that you may have undergone. This gradual process is mirrored when you work to correct misalignment. Teeth must be gently pushed back into position. The other reason why the slow and gradual correction is vital is the fact that it also allows the jaw to change naturally so as to support the new position of the teeth.

Alignment is a Multi-stage Process

When you first put your aligners on, the teeth go through a stage known as the initial alignment. Many people mistakenly think that the process is done and that they are free to remove the aligners. The truth, however, is that is this just stage one of a multi-stage process. Even though the process might look like it is complete on the front end, there is a lot going on in the back end. Bone mass on one side of your tooth is being broken down (a process known as resorption) while the same process is happening in reverse on the other side of the tooth (known as deposition). If this back-end process is not given enough time to run its course, the results might not be as good as one would have hoped.

The is More than Just Alignment

While most patients focus on the alignment aspect of the Invisalign process, your professional orthodontist looks at many other aspects as well. They know that improving the alignment of teeth has an impact on dental hygiene, breathing and many other aspects. So, while the alignment may seem corrected, your orthodontist might extend the treatment program in order to achieve the most optimal results on the other aspects of the treatment program. Removing your Invisalign trays early may cut short the correction of other elements of the process and result in you having to undergo the same process again in the future.

Teeth Need to Settle In

The time period that your orthodontist gives for the process takes into consideration several aspects including giving time for the teeth to settle into their new position. If not well set, there is a danger that the teeth will revert back to their old positions.

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