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Common Causes and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Many people these days spend a lot of money on having periodontal disease treated. This is one of the most common dental health problems in the world, yet it is easily avoidable by simply making sure that you get current dental health advise on how to take care of your teeth. When you have periodontal disease, you should also always make sure that it’s sorted out by a professional dentist.

What Periodontal Disease Is

In a nutshell, periodontal disease is a dental condition in which the soft tissues of the mouth are inflamed and end up being infected. As a result, this may lead to abscesses in extreme cases, and can also cause teeth to fall out when their anchoring soft tissue is destroyed. Other common problems associated with periodontal disease include painful and bloody brushing, as well as bad breath. The most common soft tissue affected in periodontal disease is the gum tissue.

The Progression of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease progresses at a rate dependent on how well you take care of your teeth as well as your general health. In a nutshell, the condition is caused by the presence of bacteria which form a sticky biofilm that sticks to the teeth. The biofilm comprises the bacteria as well as food particles. With time, this film becomes thicker and forms a plaque full of bacteria which feed on food deposits between the teeth. This is why it’s important to brush your teeth daily; to get rid of any food particles and hence deny a source of food for the bacteria.

When plaque stays in place for a long time, it can harden to form a substance known as tartar which can’t be removed by simply brushing. In this case, you might need scaling and polishing done to get rid of it. This is a professional general dentistry service. Risk factors for formation of plaque and tartar include smoking, diabetes, any medication which results in reduction in flow of saliva and illnesses such as AIDS.     

General Treatment Modalities

If you happen to have periodontal disease, it’s first important to have a dentist assess the condition and then provide the necessary treatment. This may mean thorough scaling and polishing, in addition to other treatments as may be necessary. This helps get rid of tartar and plaque.

After this, making sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and flossing will prevent periodontal disease. If you happen to have the other risk factors for periodontal disease, making sure that you care for them is also important. In the case of diabetes, for example, always make sure that you combine exercise, a proper diet and sticking to your medication to ensure that your blood sugar levels are always in the normal range.

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