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Careers That Can be Boosted by A Smile Makeover

A smile makeover has the ability to give your career a boost and help you climb the corporate ladder. Smiling puts people at ease and makes more likely to be more receptive to your sales pitch or to agree with what you are saying. There are however certain careers that are likely to be boosted with a perfect smile. Here is a run-down of these careers.

Customer Service

This one is an obvious one. People who have to answer customer’s questions must be able to put customers at ease. Nothing does this as effectively as a great smile. Even if you are serving customers on the phone, people can sense when the person on the other end is smiling and this makes them to naturally relax. If you are a customer service representative, you will find that your customers respond much better to your amazing smile.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants often have a difficult job working with different kinds of passengers. Apart from experienced passengers, most others tend to be nervous and flight attendants have the task of calming them down. Smiling is known to calm down nervous people and make them more receptive to what one is saying.  

Medical Practitioners

Doctors and other medical practitioners work with patients who are unwell and often need reassurance. Doctors and nurses who have welcoming smiles tend to be better at putting their patients at ease. A smile makeover for a medical practitioner would make it easier to relax patients and help make their healing process faster.


Teachers spend many hours working with children of all ages. Their ability to put children at ease and get them to listen to what they are saying makes a big difference to the process of transferring knowledge. Teachers have a big impact on the lives of their students and having a warm and welcoming smile can make this more likely to happen.


Whether you are on stage or on the screen, there is no hiding the fact that your looks and your smile make a large difference to your career. Many of the successful actors and actresses had smile makeovers to help them acquire great smiles. This, in turn, contributed to their success on stage and in front of the cameras.

Television Presenters

Television journalists need to combine their presentation skills with beautiful smiles. Having a smile makeover, coupled with engaging and well-presented content makes a huge difference to your ratings.

Service Industry

Running a restaurant or a trendy coffee shop? It won’t just be the coffee that brings customers through your door. A smile makeover, coupled with great ambiance and good food make just the right ingredients for a successful restaurant business.

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