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Are You New To Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

One of the most important dental services provided by dentists is full mouth rehabilitation. It is an umbrella term which may seem complicated at first, but is actually straight forward. It means that your dentist will perform multiple treatments in order to completely restore your dental health and beauty.

How Complete Rehabilitation Differs From Other Treatments

Rather than focusing on a single area of the mouth or teeth, complete rehabilitation focuses on the entire oral cavity. In addition to helping patients achieve a more beautiful smile, it ensures that the structure of teeth and oral tissues are strengthened. It encompasses a variety of dental techniques and will differ from one patient to another, because it is designed to cater to the specific needs of each individual. Prior to treatment being provided, patients will consult with the dentist and discuss the dental issues they have and what approach can be used to correct them.

When To Consider Full Rehabilitation

Full dental rehabilitation is a great option in situations where a patient has significant, long standing dental issues, or where they’ve recently suffered an accident that has damaged their teeth or gums. In such scenarios the need for rehabilitation isn’t optional; your teeth and gums will not be able to recover without professional help, and if left untreated, the damage will only get worse.

When teeth become chipped, cracked or damaged by cavities, this can pose a substantial risk to your long term dental health if the matter is left unresolved. If the issue only involves a single tooth however, in most cases a crown or filling can be used to quickly restore it. However, in cases where a person has experienced blunt force trauma to the mouth which has damaged multiple teeth, or they are suffering from long term problems which have not been treated such as tooth decay, complete rehabilitation will usually be required to address the myriad issues.

Types Of Procedures Which Are Performed During Rehabilitation

Some of the most popular procedures performed during rehabilitation are the application of dental crowns, dental implants, TMJ and porcelain veneers. Dental crowns are designed to cover up, restore and protect your teeth, while implants are used to replace teeth which either have been lost or significantly damaged. TMJ is used to assist patients who have issues with their bite, or who have frequent discomfort in their jaws. Veneers are designed to enhance tooth appearance while also making them stronger. Best of all, many of the treatments provided during full rehabilitation are minimally invasive.

The need for quality dental care cannot be overstated. A growing body of medical literature suggests that a connection has been found between oral health and the health of the rest of the body. Put another way, those who have unresolved dental problems have a greater likelihood of experiencing other health problems, especially as they age.

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