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Age Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Invisalign


Contrary to popular belief, everyone regardless of their age desires to have the perfect smile characterized by the straight alignment of teeth. However, most people are put off by the non-discreet nature of wire braces or even the discomfort that is associated with them. In addition, they have to be worn for more than two years at times thus inconveniencing one’s lifestyle.

The Saving Grace

For those who want the perfect smile but do not want the hustle of braces, Invisalign is the answer. This is a modern technique that employs tray molds made specifically for one’s teeth. These molds are made in such a way that they gradually align your teeth into their correct positions. Invisalign has a clear appearance since it is made of plastic and is notably comfortable than the old types of braces hence compatible with people from across all ages.


Before being fitted with Invisalign, one has to be a good candidate for the treatment which depends on the degree of the orthodontic issue. A good candidate is usually one who has overbites, under bites, crowding and gapping between teeth. Candidacy can only be determined by a physician and hence one is advised to schedule an appointment for consultation.

The Merits of Invisalign

Below are some top reasons why people are seeking out Invisalign clear aligners over braces:

  • Speedy treatment

Most times, patients with an Invisalign only have to wear it for about a year. This about half the time taken by patients using the traditional braces.

  • Open to all food options

Traditional braces tend to limit the food options of patients since most of them quite frequently get dislodged from their setting when one eats hardy foods. Additionally, clear braces stain easily whenever one drinks their favorite wine, meaning you will have to put in more effort to clean them. With Invisalign aligners, however, all of these worries go out the window and one is no longer barred. Eat and drink whatever you want, whenever you want.

  • No replacements

It is quite common for patients to lose or at times break their braces. Normally, one is needed to replace these braces thus incurring other unplanned costs. However, this is not the case with Invisalign clear aligners since they come with pre-made replacements for their patients. As a result, one needs not to cough up extra money in case of damages.

  • Morale boost

Regardless of age, everyone loves looking and feeling their best at all times. This can be difficult with wire braces hanging from your teeth. Fortunately, aligners overcome this problem as they are seemingly “invisible” and aids patients in feeling much better about their appearance.

Limitations of Invisalign Treatment

Just like any other dental product, there are some disadvantages associated with Invisalign treatment. Some of these limitations include:

  • The bone density factor

Those who suffer from low bone densities are not eligible to undergo the Invisalign treatment since the treatment will not achieve the desired results.

  • A permanent teeth set is required

People with deciduous teeth cannot use Invisalign as the treatment needs a full permanent set of teeth to be successful.

  • Constant monitoring

Invisalign requires diligence in its treatment. Patients have to put the clear trays on for at least 22 hours daily for the treatment to work. Owing to the fact that these trays have to be taken off during eating, most people lose them or even forget to put them on for quite a long time thus hindering their effectiveness. Moreover, children under this treatment need to be monitored to ensure that they stick to the 22-hour rule.

  • Inapplicable to severe cases

Since Invisalign restricts the movement of your teeth to a certain degree, orthodontists are unable to use it in extreme cases such as open bites, teeth extraction cases, severely rotated teeth and teeth with wide gaps in between.

How Dr. Alex Can Help!

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