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A Brighter Smile; A Brand New You

It is strange how the simplest things on the planet often have a big impact in our lives. Think about your smile for a second. It is something you do all the time without putting so much effort into it. You smile at a stranger and just like that you brighten their day. But this is not always the case for people living with serious dental conditions. To them, smiling is a tall order. They crave for a new smile all day long. It gets even worse for many who think the solution to their problems lie in costly dental procedures. This is not the case as you are about to find out. Truth is, you can change everything about you just by going for a simple yet vital dental procedure that is both affordable and first. Read on to learn more.

Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth can easily take a toll on your self esteem for obvious reasons. You just can’t smile freely.  Teeth whitening steps in as a permanent solution you can rely on. It gets even better with the fact that teeth whitening procedures take less than an hour. It is also customized to complement your skin tone. Note though that while skin whitening kits are available in many online stores, they all do not work better than what professional dentists can offer you.

Porcelain Veneers

Think of porcelain as a thin wafer of porcelain permanently bonded onto a tooth so as to mask its shape, color and even its positioning. It is in other words, a one of a kind solution to a wide array of teeth problems. It can come in handy for people living with intrinsic teeth stains or poorly aligned teeth. Consider it your summer plan for a perfect makeover. Your dentist will first examine you before molding the right porcelain veneers for you. The process takes less than an hour too. You can then live with your porcelain veneers for a much as 15 years and achieve the perfect smile you always wanted.


Just like stained teeth, crooked or poorly aligned teeth can dent your self esteem. Unfortunately, many people consider braces as the most ideal solution for crooked teeth. This is sad because braces are now slowly becoming irrelevant. For starters, getting them is somewhat painful. Living with them on the other hand guarantees discomfort. Your best bet is to go for invisalign, which comes along with a myriad of perks. You can remove them anytime. Then there is the fact that you can wear them for a maximum of 18 months, at which point your teeth will have been perfectly aligned.

Point To Note

There are so many cosmetic dentistry procedures that can come to your rescue in your bid to have a perfect smile. Many of these procedures are not even expensive as many people think. The only thing you need to do is book an appointment with your dentist. From then on, two or three more visits and you’ll walk around with a new smile everyone will admire. Be sure to observe proper oral hygiene though. Brush your teeth at least twice a day then floss regularly.

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