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A Beginner’s Guide To Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a major part of dental procedures and teeth maintenance solutions these days. Professional teeth whitening is not just to help your teeth regain its lost glory, but also to give you a better smile and enhance your overall appearance. If you are thinking of trying teeth whitening services today, here’s what you should know.

What are the Benefits of Whiter Teeth?

The benefits of teeth whitening can be described in two ways — one is the direct effect it has on your teeth and secondly the intrinsic benefits. When you perform teeth whitening, your teeth becomes instantly whiter. Whiter teeth translate to a greater confidence and boosted self-esteem. By removing stains and changing your teeth’s color, you also look more youthful and attractive.

Why You Need To Talk To Your Dentist First

A dental consultation is imperative when you’re considering teeth whitening or any dental procedure for that matter. While almost anyone can whiten their teeth, there are some restrictions when it comes to people with tooth infections, teeth sensitivity, and gum problems. These set of people need to fix their underlying issues before teeth whitening can be done.

After checking to see if there are other conditions, the cosmetic dentist will examine the root cause of your stain or discolored teeth. This is because the underlying root cause will determine the kind of solution that is prescribed. For example, discoloration caused by substances such as coffee and cigarette can be easily treated by cleaning the teeth and professionally applying bleach. However, discoloration caused by an infected tooth is much harder to treat with bleaching alone. In such cases, other treatments such as porcelain veneer or crowns are better options.

You should also note that the color of the stain will also determine the final outcome of your teeth whitening. Brown and yellow stains are easily washed off with bleach compared to grayish stains. That’s why it is necessary to have your teeth checked out by an experienced cosmetic dentist in New York.

What’s The Teeth Whitening Process Like?

Teeth whitening is a relatively brief process that can be completed in an hour. The dentist carefully applies a whitening gel to your teeth. Then a laser is focused on the gel in order to activate the ‘active agent’ and bleach away all the stains and discoloration. Once the activation is done, the gel remains on the teeth for about 20 minutes. This process is repeated several times over the course of your visit.

Managing Your Expectations

Teeth whitening is totally painless and after a whitening session, you’ll be able to go about your daily activities immediately. On a few occasions, patients have been known to experience teeth sensitivity, but it’s nothing to worry about, as it will fade off with time. Whitened teeth usually last for about 24 months. That’s if they are not regularly exposed to stain-inducing substances like coffee, smoke, and wine. If they are, then you will need to occasionally come in for extra treatments.

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