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6 Warning Signs To Alert You Of A Bad Dentist

You’re not a dentist, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding one that’s perfect for your dental needs. Without any knowledge of dental care, how do you figure out if your dental care provider is the best in New York City? As a customer, here are some general tips that will help you determine if your current dentist is a bad dentist, or if you should frequent another clinic instead. Without having to understand the intricacies of professional dental care, take these tips as an easy litmus test. 

They Don’t Ask For Your Records

Any dental office worth their salt will request your old dental records during your first visit. It’s good practice as it helps them identify your needs and tailor recommendations to your personal dental history. If your current office hasn’t asked for your previous records, you may have to start questioning whether they’re doing their job comprehensively. 

Procedures Aren’t Sterile

In the midst of your dental procedure, checkup or treatment, observe your dentist to see where they obtain their dental instruments, and whether they are properly stored. Instruments should always be washed in between every use, and your dentist and dental assistant should always be properly gloved. It seems obvious, which is why improper observance of these basic rules is a glaring red flag to shift to another dental office. Any instrument specific to your dental procedure may need to be of a new, single-use nature, so check to see if it’s removed from the new packaging. It’s best to confirm your concerns with your dentist.

Dental Technology is Outdated

You’re not a dentist, so you won’t know if the dental technology used is appropriate for your treatment and procedures, but you can always shoot your dentist a quick question. A good benchmark to go by is not having dental equipment older than ten years. Current dental technology is in a state of constant advancement, so naturally dental equipment should also be up to date. 

They Constantly Recommend More Dental Work

Most people that visit a dentist won’t need extensive dental work. If you haven’t been brushing and flossing regularly for a long time and neglecting your oral health, you may require comprehensive work to get your dental hygiene back on track. However, be wary if your dentist continuously recommends expensive procedures, or keeps changing their recommendations on each visit. In that scenario, you’ll need to find a new dentist. 

Their Portfolios Are Not On Display

Any dental office should have a record of their past works, successful treatments and procedures. This is especially true for cosmetic dentists. Having a portfolio of work that you can readily consult builds trust and confidence in the quality of services that your dentist offers. 

They’re Impersonal

Many have dental anxiety, finding the dental office a daunting space, costly or even tedious. Being personable and kind is an essential trait for a dentist. You’ll want to find one that patiently assuages your fears and addresses your concerns, providing you with top-quality oral healthcare. 

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