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5 Problems That Need Emergency Cosmetic Dentistry

You may have heard the term cosmetic dentistry, where dental treatments are usually performed for cosmetic purposes. Procedures like teeth whitening are physically and psychologically important for the patient but do not require emergency treatment. However, there are cosmetic dental treatments that need to be performed in the course of emergencies. Below we have listed five examples of emergency cosmetic dentistry.

Lost Tooth

Trauma is usually the cause of a lost tooth. If you find the tooth that has been knocked out of your gums, you should collect it and insert it into the gum socket where the tooth originated (if possible). The area needs to be packed with gauze and held in place by biting on it. This can hold the tooth in place and also reduce any bleeding. If the tooth is broken into pieces, collect the pieces and place them in milk, then see an emergency dentist immediately to increase the chances of saving the tooth.

Loose Tooth

If a tooth is loose but not fully out of the socket, apply first aid to stop bleeding. Apply ice or cold compress to reduce any swelling of the jaw and mouth. To determine the condition of the tooth, schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Dental procedures like a root canal may be necessary if the root of a loose tooth is severely damaged.

Lost Filling or Crown

Similar to a lost tooth, a lost filling or crown can occur due to trauma. This can include getting hit in the mouth or biting onto something hard. Apply first aid to stop any bleeding and collect the lost filling or crown if possible. Schedule an appointment with a dentist who will make sure that there is sufficient natural tooth remaining to re-fill or re-cap the tooth. If there is not enough natural tooth for a filling or crown, the dentist may extract the remaining tooth. The extracted tooth may then be replaced with a dental crown.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth can change not only the appearance of the tooth but also its function. Your tooth can chip or break due to an accident such as a fall. Again, render the necessary first aid to stop any bleeding, and collect any broken pieces of the tooth if possible. Apply ice or cold compress to the face and mouth to decrease swelling and schedule an appointment for an emergency dentist to repair the tooth.


An abscess may not be a cosmetic problem but can cause significant pain and visible swelling to the face and jaw. Abscesses are infections in the gums or teeth, and symptoms include pus-filled sacs and swelling of the surrounding tissue. The swelling will be relieved once the abscess is resolved. Treating an abscess is usually done by performing a root canal. The tooth may be extracted if it cannot be saved. Antibiotics are then prescribed for infection and swelling. To learn more about how emergency cosmetic dentistry can help you, feel free to contact us!

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