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4 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Smile Makeover

smile makeover for millennials

It’s common to observe that millennials, who are frequently labeled as the generation that just doesn’t desire to grow up, aren’t helping their reputation by neglecting brushing and flossing, thus needing a smile makeover for millennials.

These poor habits imply millennials set themselves up for dental issues, like:

Tooth Decay

You cannot make up for neglecting the home oral health care simply because you visit the dentist every six months or so. These efforts are crucial for maintaining solid oral health. Skipping on these, subsequently, implies tooth decay will start to fester. With neglect, decay may result in severe cavities, infections, swelling, and, possibly, tooth extraction.

Gum Disease

Attentive, regular oral health care is highly necessary. Often, the bacteria, plaque, and tartar which piles up over teeth may start creeping very far into the teeth and the roots. When the gums or teeth are severely affected by periodontal disease, teeth will grow loose and can drop out.

Stains And Discoloration

Millennials dwell in a Starbucks world. Sip the coffee, iced cappuccino, and the other brewed beverages you desire, tooth enamel then loses all original color and turns brownish, yellowish, and just plain discolored and ugly.

Things Millennials Love About Cosmetic Dentistry

For millennials who do upkeep excellent oral health, they might be searching for something to increase their social standing, their Instagram photos, their online dating profiles, or their self-image. Cosmetic dentistry is driving the most complex smile makeovers. Here are a few of the things the millennial generation adores:


 You don’t achieve more impact than with personalized porcelain veneers. From color to width and shaping, veneers are customized for each dental patient who chooses to obtain them and engages a talented NYC cosmetic dentist to generate their full smile makeover.

Digital Options

Digital smile design communicates to millennials by providing the huge boost of viewing your investment before you purchase it. Smartphone millennials are completely passionate about digital imagery or react to visual evidence that their smile makeover will look great.


Whatever oral health assistance a millennial requires, modern dentistry and state-of-the-art technology imply that all procedures are much faster, easier, more effective, or longer lasting than the dentistry from the older generation.


Sixty-two percent of American adults are not ready to visit the dentist, while millennials are less willing than all other age groups. If a patient gets stressed about pain over or after treatment, the sound of the dental drill, their instant reflex, a reflection of poor past dental memories, or that anesthetic won’t function, oral sedation may deliver a sense of comfort and renders all dental visits easier.

It’s Never Too Late For Good Oral Health

Regardless of how old you are, it is never a bad time to look after all your teeth. Even if you’re shy about the state of your teeth, remember that not acting pushes the issues to get worse. No tooth cavity, tooth pain, or more severe dental health issues will just recede on their own without dental treatment, but your Manhattan dentist can make all your tooth and gum issues disappear so you can get pearly white smiles.

Millennials don’t just take poor diets and stop getting dental treatment, they may place less of a priority on visiting the dentist. A survey undertaken by Business Insider reported that “close to half of Americans (45%) would rather spend their money on TV services, for example, cable or streaming services, than on a dental procedure – this number jumps to more than half among millennials (56%).” The average millennial surveyed sometimes goes more than two days without brushing.