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3 Misconceptions To Let Go Of About Getting Regular Dental Checkups

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Reviews and information are abundant online about dental checkups and dental care. It can instill specific fears and misconceptions in you as you struggle to decide whether to go for a dental checkup. However, it is essential to note that many innovations in dental health care have surfaced. This means many new technologies to improve the patient experience. Dental care may no longer be what most falsities claim to be. As such, do not let these false misconceptions and information stop you from scheduling an appointment with a dentist. Dental care is extremely important for your overall health. Dental checkups often include dental cleaning and dental exams to check on the overall health of your gums and teeth. Having regular dental checkups is crucial to ensure your oral health is well. Here are some misconceptions that you need to let go about regular dental checkups!

Misconception #1: Brushing Hard Cleans Teeth Better

It is important to note that bushing hard does not necessarily mean cleaner teeth. It is often the type of bristles on the toothbrush that makes a difference. Stiff bristles can erode the enamel, the hard layer that protects the teeth, and can cause receding gums. Additionally, toothbrushes with stiff bristles often push dirty particles into the gaps between teeth and gums. Instead of removing the dirt, these toothbrushes merely shift the dirty particles to crevasses that make removing them difficult. As such, opting for softer bristles is a better choice. They are soft on the gums and the teeth, lowering the likelihood of bleeding gums.

Misconception #2: Brushing Well Before Dental Checkup Will Indicate Good Oral Hygiene

Dentists can always tell whether their patients have cared for their oral health well. Patients who do not practice good oral hygiene will likely have dental calculus, plaque, cavities, and periodontitis that will eventually surface. As such, it is not a good idea to hide and start brushing well right before the checkup and stop there. Your oral health depends on you rather than your dentist, so do not brush your teeth or floss because of your dentist, but rather, do so because it benefits you. Our dental health requires ownership to get into a routine of flossing and brushing regularly.

Misconception #3: Dental Checkups are not Necessary if there is no Pain or Swelling

Regular dental checkups are necessary even when you feel no gums pain or toothaches. This is because dental problems often take some time to surface. These dental checkups can prevent these dental issues before it is too late. Dental exams take place every checkup to detect your risks of developing any potential dental problems like gum disease. This often includes diagnostic procedures and evaluation of your mouth through x-rays for your dentists to have a closer look and a clearer understanding of your dental health condition. If any potential dental issues are detected, your dentists can recommend treatments immediately to help prevent them. Dentists can even treat small cavities immediately so the pain does not become excruciating.